Monday, September 19, 2011

Implementing The Higher Common Core State Standards in Reading

Implementing The Higher Common Core State Standards in Reading

CCSS Crosswalks, Grade Level Assessment, Curriculum Development, and Standards Transition

The new stretch text demands (Lexile) for the CCSS are two years above today's national reading median! Meeting the CCSS College and Career Ready Goals will make many reading programs obsolete or ineffective. Teachers and administrators will have to adapt, overcome, and be prepared to stretch readers into higher Lexile choices using scaffolding and vocabulary support. Direct instruction and best reading practice will help many readers meet the higher goals and objectives but more will be needed for at-risk students. E.g. The development of high frequency academic vocabulary list and glossaries, (Tier 2 words) and content specific academic vocabulary instruction (Tier 3 words) will be crucial to help students that are at-risk meet the standards.

Teachers and students will need quality supp
ort to meet the CCSS in the next four years

A good place to start! 

  1. Developing  Student Friendly Bloom's Taxonomy Question Stems to help student and teachers meet the higher standards

  2. Developing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 grade level vocabulary 

  3. Developing advanced graphic organizers e.g. S.T.E.A.L. characterization charts in the primary grades to help students dig deeper, and stretch into higher reading and writing skills! 

  4. Developing comprehensive fluency drills to transition students to the higher standards

  5. Developing grade level reading assessments with the Common Core State Standards

  6. Using real literature to stretch readers and expose them to challenging vocabulary and concepts

    What is your opinion? Please share!

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