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Academic Vocabulary Games

Free Vocabulary Games: Academic Vocabulary Games 

Rules of play

Academic Vocabulary Parcheesi is played with one deck of academic vocabulary cards (25-30) cards and the goal of the game is to move each of one's pieces home to the center space.

Each player selects four pieces of the same color and places them in their "nest," or starting area. The game board should be positioned so that each player's nest is to his right. Pieces enter play onto the darkened space to the left of the nest and continue counter-clockwise around the board to the home path directly in front of the player. 


Science Vocabulary Cards 
Science 4th and 5th Grade

Each player draws a vocabulary game cards; the highest card goes first, and subsequent play continues to the left. On each turn, players draw one vocabulary card and must give a phrase or definition to the term on the card, if correct the players uses the values shown on the card to move their pieces around the board. If an amount on card cannot be moved, that amount is forfeited.

Entering pawns

A player may enter a piece only by answering the vocabulary question correct.


Any piece that is not on a safe space or a part of a blockade can be captured by an opposing pawn. A player is awarded 20 bonus spaces for capturing an opposing piece. The 20 spaces may be divided between pieces and must be moved, if possible. The captured pawn is returned to the opposing player's nest.


When two pieces occupy the same space, they prevent any pieces behind the two from advancing past the blockade. This includes blocking pieces from leaving their nest. Two pieces that form a blockade may not be moved forward together to form a new blockade on the same roll.

Safe spaces

The dark spaces are safe spaces. A piece may not be captured as long as it sits on one of these spaces. The only exception is if a piece sits on the safe space where another player enters the board from his nest. Those spaces are safe from all other players, but the piece can be taken if the player whose nest it is has a piece in his nest and draws a 5 or 6 (as long as it isn't a blockade).

Two pieces that form a blockade are also safe.

Smiley Face

Go again.


The center home space can only be entered by exact count. When a piece enters the center space by exact count, that player is awarded ten movement points that may be moved with any one piece still in play at the end of their turn. If the bonus movement amount cannot be used, it is forfeit.

Each player has his own home path and may not enter another's home. So, when a piece is on its home path, it can no longer be captured. Once a piece has been moved into his home path, it can no longer be moved except to move all the way to home.
Winning the game

The first player to get all four pieces home wins. 


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