Monday, April 11, 2011

Academic Vocabulary Words: Standardized Test Glossaries

Published Academic Word Glossaries: Standardized Test Glossaries

Links to PDF Academic Word List and Glossaries 

School Speak Word List
The Tennessee Academic Vocabulary Project
Jim Burke Academic Vocabulary
Arizona Academic Word List Reading Glossary
Arizona Academic Word List Science Glossary
Arizona Academic Word List Math Glossary
Arizona Academic Word List Writing Glossary
Arizona Academic Word List Social Studies Glossary
English Language Glossary
Language Skills Inventory By Grade 
NWEA Academic Vocabulary
CST and CAHSEE Academic Vocabulary

White Papers on Academic Vocabulary Instruction
The Nature of Vocabulary Development and Instruction

Make Your Own Glossary
Academic Vocabulary Words: Standardized Test Glossaries

Academic word list are key vocabulary that students must master to understand academic content (Standardized Test). is a free online source to create academic glossaries, quizzes, student friendly thesaurus, and custom vocabulary study guilds. My students use the academic word glossaries to make flash cards, play vocabulary games, and study with a buddy. Highlights

Multiple Choice Quiz maker has been launched. Create a multiple choice quiz using words or definitions as clues, with fully customizable answer choices.

Take quizzes online! The process of creating a quiz is the same as always, but when you're done, you can choose to print it or to complete it online and get instant feedback.

Increased word limit! Registered users can use up to 25 words in their quizzes.

New "My Activities" page! Quickly access your saved activities from the "My Activities" tab on the blue menu bar.

New support for easy sharing! In the "My Activities" page, click the envelope icon next to any activity to see the URLs for both the printable and online versions of the quizzes. Send them to friends and students!

Share academic vocabulary with parents and colleagues! 

    New Wordsmyth dictionary features!

    The Wordsmyth Dictionary-Thesaurus Suite now include
    real audio pronunciations
    new images and animations
    thousands of new example sentences
    a new entry presentation, and more.

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