Thursday, August 25, 2011

Student Success Skills

My RBC Student Success Skills Checklist!
College Ready!

My Active Learning Skills!
  • I put school first!
  • I take advantage of learning opportunities.
  • I ask questions with an open mind.
  • I set high goals and work hard.
  • I actively listen and focus on learning.
  • I am organized and responsible.
  • I build knowledge by risking failure.
  • I strengthen my memory with practice.
My Active Social Skills!
  • I put school first!
  • I am nice, kind, and caring.
  • I solve problems and cooperate with others.
  • I am positive and encourage others and myself.
  • I help others and help myself.
  • I use please and thank you.
  • I am empathetic and put others first.
  • I find the good in all people.
My Success Goals This Year:

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