Monday, February 20, 2012

Android Tablets for Students

Nearly Free Android Tablets for Teachers and Students
The android tablet pc will be the next big step or (r)evolution in public education. Students with Wi-Fi enabled tablets will have access to millions of free books, educational videos from great developers like Kahn Academy and thousands of free learning apps. The Sky Tablet (educational tablet pc designed for students) being developed in India with the Android operation system will retail for $35 and have the Indian government producing free English educational Apps for it millions of users. An Android Tablet with 8GB of memory retails for $89 today what will it cost in a year? The future is here and teachers need to get an Android tablet or iPad and see the future of education.

I have a Pan-Digital tablet and two Nextbook P7 tablets and both do a great job for a student or family on a budget. I use the two Nextbook P7s in my class with my students as ebooks and lend the Pan-Digital to kids to take home with suplimental lessons. I download Kahn Academy videos and let the kids review math concepts that are unclear and need more review.
Free Android Learning Apps For Kids

Kid Math Game by divmob Download: $0.00


Graphing Calculator by Herbert Law's Apps Download: $0.00


Fun Math Tricks Lite by Ranvic Labs Download: $0.00


Let's Do the Math by Developer Download: $0.00


Alphabet Match Free by Slilly Software Download: $0.00


Speed Reading Tutor by Ivy Standard Download: $0.00


Awesome Arithmetic Free by Batten Design Download: $0.00


Math BINGO by divmob Download: $0.00


Number Match Free by Slilly Software Download: $0.00


Goals & Examples, 3rd Grade Math by Charleston Shi Download: $0.00


Math Defense - Addition by Die Spider Die Download: $0.00


123 Math Animals Lite by Millenium Multimedia Download: $0.00

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