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Scientific Method Steps | Student Science Journals

Steps of the Scientific Method | Printable Student Science Journals

Teaching students to use the many steps of the scientific method will help in all areas of school work. The scientific method or inquiry process is the future of common core and the multi level task that students will be assessed on. STEM needs to be taught as a integrated model starting at kindergarten to help students build problem solving and academic resiliency.
The search for scientific knowledge extends far back into antiquity. At some point in the past, at least by the time of Aristotle, philosophers recognized that a fundamental distinction should be drawn between two kinds of scientific knowledge — roughly, knowledge that and knowledge why. It is one thing to know that each planet periodically reverses the direction of its motion with respect to the background of fixed stars; it is quite a different matter to know why. Knowledge of the former type is descriptive; knowledge of the latter type is explanatory. It is explanatory knowledge that provides scientific understanding of the world. (Salmon, 1990)

Science Vocabulary Flash Cards

The Seven Steps to the Scientific Method
1. State the problem that is observed

2. Find out more about the problem

3. Construct a hypothesis

4. Design an experiment and test your hypothesis

5 Review and study your data

6. Finalize your outcomes and draw a conclusion

7. Share your results and reexamine or redesign your hypothesis
Ask lots of Questions
Read Books | Background Research
Make an Educated Guess | Hypothesis
Design | Experiment | Test Your Hypothesis
Study Your Test Data and Draw a Conclusion
Share Your Results

Scientific Method Experiments

Scientific Method Hypothesis

Scientific Method Observations
Scientific Method Conclusions

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