Sunday, June 15, 2014

iPad Osmo Reviews | Osmo Kit Reviews

iPad Osmo Reviews | Osmo words | Osmo Tangram | Osmo Newton

The iPad Osmo is an amazing extension of iPad student interaction, if it lives up to the pre-launch publicity. iPad is the darling of the education technology folks and this device may bring in a new group of tech phobic teachers and parents. Osmo looks like a great way to bring peer to peer interaction and cooperative learning to the front of the learning objectives. Many anti iPad and Android folks see technology interfering with the building relationships and building social emotional intelligence. I see barriers being removed with products like Osmo that bring children together to learn. I have not jumped on the iPad for every occasion bandwagon but I will give the Osmo a real classroom try in the fall of 2014. I will give a full teacher classroom review when I let my students try it out and see if it lives up to the publicity.

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