Sunday, June 4, 2017

Transform Your Class in 20 Days Using Gratitude Journals

5 Things I am Grateful For Today | Daily "gratitude" journal writing can transform your students into reflective, grateful, less stressed, and yes happier students.

How do you transform your class using gratitude journals? Start a daily writing habit with your class that magnifies
happiness, love, grace, gratitude, mindfulness, and yes less stressed students? Just do it,  start with yourself and then your class, write down 5 things you are grateful for daily in a gratitude journal! "Today (And Always) I am grateful and thankful for..." on the chalkboard or share on the Smart Board! Seems easy, how can writing down 5 things that you are grateful for, improve happiness, attitude, and behavior, yet the positive psychological effects are transformational according to research in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  

Today I am very grateful and thankful for these 5 things and so much more:

  • Today (And Always) I am grateful and thankful for my curious, caring, and courageous students. 
  • Today (And Always) I am grateful and thankful for a safe and nurturing school to work in. 
  • Today (And Always) I am grateful and thankful for my loving family. 
  • Today (And Always) I am grateful and thankful for Air conditioning in Tucson in the summer. 
  • Today (And Always) I am grateful and thankful for all the people that visit my Reading Sage blog.
Today my hopes and dreams are:

  • May I, my students, my family, my friends, and all beings in the world be happy. 
  • May I, my students, my family, my friends, and all beings in the world be healthy. 
  • May I, my students, my family, my friends, and all beings in the world be safe. 
  • May I, my students, my family, my friends, and all beings in the world be peaceful and at ease.

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