Friday, June 16, 2017

7 Powerful Mantras to Start Your Day!

An "affirmation mantra" is a repeated positive and proactive phrase used to improve and optimize your thinking and feelings. Using positive or affirmational mantras has been shown through meta-analysis of psychotherapy to have a positive impact on happiness, focus, and improved overall outlook. We are what we think and feel, changing our words, changes our outlook, and mindset. 

Pick 5-7 daily affirmations and write them in your gratitude journals, read and repeat daily. 

  1. “Today, I will positively change my life through education.” 
  2.  Today, I am blessed with an incredible opportunity to learn and be challenged.
  3. “Today, I will positively impact someone else's life by getting my education.” 
  4. “What I do today matters the most, I will focus and seek to understand.” 
  5.  "I am courageous, I will ask questions, I will seek to learn and understand."
  6. “I am greater today because I choose positive thoughts, positive emotions, and positive actions.”
  7. “I am present and focused, ready to learn and understand new ideas” 
  8. “I am mindful of my thoughts and actions, I will conquer my challenges, I will meet my goals.”
  9. "Today, I am courageous, curious, and cogent!"
  10. "Today, I will be extraordinarily focused, curious, and successful."
  11. "Today, I will conquer my challenges, my ability to succeed is limitless."
  12. "Today, I will start new positive habits, I will be more..."
  13.  "Today, I will use my intelligence, persistence, and creativity to make this day AMAZING!"
  14. "Today, I am perfect just the way I am, and there is always room for improvement"
  15. "Today, I radiate beauty, grace, intelligence, and happiness."
  16. "Today, I am powerful, energetic, healthy, and have a clear focused mind."
  17. "Today, my thoughts are positive, inspirational, and focused,  I see the value in meeting my goals."
  18. "Today, my understanding and knowledge is growing, expanding, and thriving."

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