Friday, September 24, 2010

Reading for Comprehension

Reading for Comprehension

Academic Vocabulary Words

Publishing companies that produce reading comprehension exams for schools
and academic institutions use or make norm-references academic vocabulary
lists graded by academic reading level. Many state municipalities and publishing
companies post these academic vocabulary lists on their web sites in order of
reading level or RIT level, and educators can use them free of charge. Using
and having a strong understanding of these words will help you and your
students achieve reading comprehension success. The words by them selves
are very hard to teach out of context so I refer to them during instruction
when applicable. Academic word lists are also used as part of word wall
games, drills and challenge vocabulary practice.

Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary By Grade Level

Academic Vocabulary List 

Academic Vocabulary List II

ESL Academic Vocabulary List

NWEA Academic Vocabulary List

Reading Comprehension Vocabulary

Reading Comprehension Vocabulary 1st Grade

Reading Comprehension Vocabulary 2nd Grade

Reading Comprehension Vocabulary 3rd Grade 

Reading Comprehension Vocabulary 4th Grade

Reading Comprehension Vocabulary 5th Grade

ESL and ELL Reading Resources

Free ESL and Ell Pennington Assessments 

Mastery of Words I

Mastery of Words II

Word Mastery

Reading Primer 

Eclectic Speller

Reading Lessons

Reading Lessons II

National Pronouncing Speller

How To Teach Reading

Advanced Speller

Synthetic Speller

Illustrated Phonics

Spoken English

Free Printable Flash Card Maker

US Citizenship Vocabulary

ELL and ESL English Glossary Maker

Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Samples Used 
During Reading Boot Camp

Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Kindergarten & 1st 1
Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Kindergarten & 1st 2
Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Kindergarten & 1st 3
Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Kindergarten & 1st 4
Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Kindergarten & 1st 5
Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Kindergarten & 1st 6

Mandarin Chinese 

Printable PDF Mandarin Flashcards

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