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Reading Program: Reading Mastery/SRA/McGraw-Hill

Reading Mastery/SRA/McGraw-Hill

Reading Mastery1 is a direct instruction program designed to provide explicit, 
systematic instruction in English language reading. Reading Mastery is available
in two versions, Reading Mastery Classic levels I and II (for use in grades K–3)
and Reading Mastery Plus, an integrated reading-language program for grades 
K–6. The program begins by teaching phonemic awareness and sound-letter 
correspondence and moves into word and passage reading, vocabulary 
development, comprehension, and building oral reading fluency. Later lessons
continue to emphasize accurate and fluent decoding while teaching students
the skills necessary to read and comprehend and to learn from expository text.
Lessons are designed to be fast-paced and interactive. Students are grouped 
by similar reading level, based on program placement tests. The program includes
placement assessments and a continuous monitoring system. Although not 
designed exclusively for English language learners, Reading Mastery can be 
used with this group of students.

Reading Program Research

One study of Reading Mastery met the WWC evidence standards.2 This 
study included both English language learners and English speaking students
in grades K–4 in Oregon. The investigators used the Reading Mastery program 
as a supplement to normal reading instruction for Spanish speaking students
who were markedly behind expected reading achievement. The WWC reports 
only the outcomes pertaining to the English language learner subsample.

Reading Program Effectiveness

Reading Mastery was found to have potentially positive effects on
the reading achievement of English language learners.

1 This program is sometimes known as Direct Instruction using the Reading Mastery 
texts or SRA Direct Instruction—Reading Mastery.
2 The evidence presented in this report is based on available research. Findings and 
conclusions may change as new research becomes available.
3 These numbers show the average and range of improvement indices for all 
findings across the study.
4 Due to a very small sample size, these results should be interpreted with caution. 
See the WWCReading Mastery Technical Appendices for further details.

Teachers, Parents
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to assist schools, school districts, and program
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