Monday, May 23, 2011

AIMS Scholarship

AIMS Scholarship: Regents High Honors Endorsement Scholarship

     The AIMS Scholarship will be reduced by 75% in 2013 to save money at the three Arizona Universities. The scholarship will be fully funded for the next two years. Students that receive Exceeds on AIMS reading, math and writing will receive tuition paid in full, for the four years they attend Arizona universities before the 2013 cut.
     The Arizona Board of Regents will drastically reduce AIMS Scholarship funding and increase the difficulty in qualifying for the scholarship. The Regents, citing the current budget problems will make a exemplary program virtually extinct in 2013. The program cost Arizona Universities twelve million dollars per year to fund. The ironic fact is a single sports program like football cost over forty million at most State universities and funding has increased by 10% per year in these austere times.
    The billions made yearly advertising and broadcasting collegiate sports can be used to help a select few that play sports or the entire students population. Spending on students scholarships should be the universities priority not increased spending on sports programs.

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