Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ARMT Released test, ARMT Practice Test: ARMT Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test (ARMT).

Use the ARMT Reading and Math practice test below to help students prepare for yearly assessment of the Alabama content standards.  ARMT Practice Test: ARMT Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test (ARMT).

Grade 3 ARMT Math Practice Test

Grade 3 ARMT Reading Practice Test

Grade 4ARMT Math Practice Test

Grade 4 ARMT Reading Practice Test

Grade 5ARMT Math Practice Test

 Grade 5  ARMT Reading Practice Test

Grade 6ARMT Math Practice Test

Grade 6  ARMT Reading Practice Test

Grade 7ARMT Math Practice Test


Grade 7 ARMT Reading Practice Test

Grade 8ARMT Math Practice Test

Grade 8  ARMT Reading Practice Test

Have Students Study the Academic Testing Vocabulary before ARMT Testing

Academic vocabulary words are key vocabulary that students must master to understand academic content. Two list predominate (Coxhead 2000/ Marzano 2004) most academic vocabulary list find their origins in one or both. Teachers needing to raise test scores in a content area will find academic word list indispensable. Teachers can select published academic vocabulary list or create their own by doing a word analysis of released state test of published literature. Most states have adopted or will adopt The Common Core State Standards which will simplify the choice of academic vocabulary. Today some states are vague and leave the choice to teachers and schools, so finding the best list to meet the needs of your students is tricky. The links below are a few that seem to have value. I personally use the NWEA Academic Word list daily for reading, science and math vocabulary, and a lesser extent the Tennessee Academic Word List as a supplement. I have also created a academic word list of my own using a crude word analysis of the TAKS released test. The TAKS and the AIMS are both published by Pearson Publishing. The released test are a great source of grade level reading passages to synthesize fluency drills.

Links to PDF Academic Word List

Oklahoma Academic Vocabulary Suggested Words and Terms  Marzano based list
School Speak Word List
The Tennessee Academic Vocabulary Project

Academic Tier 3 Reading Glossary
Academic Tier 3 Mathematics Glossary
 Academic Tier 3 Writing Glossary
Academic Tier 3 English Language Arts  Glossary
Academic Tier 3 History / Social Studies  Glossary
Academic Tier 3 Science Glossary (Glossary at the end of the PDF doc,)

Please share any ideas that will help students on the ARMT Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test (ARMT).

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  1. This is a wonderful site. I would love to see a blank ARMT made available for homeschool parents to administer to their children.


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