Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dyslexia- The Truth

Dyslexia- The Truth
Dyslexia is not a disability, Dyslexia is not a reading disorder, dyslexia is a way of perceiving the world of knowledge in an extraordinary way. The world of modern published reading programs, canned academics, and teachers losing control over decision making leave many students with dyslexia feeling like they are slow or at worst stupid. Temple Grandin said it best “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher”, people with dyslexia need good teachers, not canned curriculum of more face time on a computer. Curing dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism is a billion dollar industry with “experts” promising a cure that is ignoble at best and academically harmful at worst. Parents that are willing to try anything and everything to help their child succeed are easy targets. Good teachers are the key to exceptional students finding academic success, yet developing good teachers is not the priority today, state austerity programs and ignoble reformers are at the helm with no real strategy just politics and posturing.
     As a Title I school teacher, I have doubts about staying in the “teaching profession” due in part, being a “Good Teacher” has become impossible in many ways. The school reforms touted by Gates, Rhee, Duncan, and many politicians are going to cost this generation of students their chance at the American Dream. Students and teachers are pawns, manipulated by the whims of politicizing reformers, publishers and the education establishment that puts publicity and profit over quality student outcomes. I have seen my class balloon in size the last few years, my supplies budget fall by 70%, no pay raise in 5 years, 7 good teachers lost at my school, more and more testing, and the continued blaming of teachers for society’s ills. Good Teachers are being lost daily in our race for to the bottom of states funding priorities, balancing budgets on the backs of teachers and students. State austerity programs gutting public education are creating a devastating place for exceptional learners, they are going to fail at an ever greater number.  Solving state budget deficits using public school funds to lower taxes and deficits is a greater worry for all students’ not just exceptional students.  Sean Taylor Dyslexic Reading Teacher

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