Thursday, November 1, 2012

Common Core Question Stems | Reading, Poetry, ELA, and Fictional Text

Common Core Question Stems | Reading, Poetry, ELA, and Fictional Text

Common Core Aligned Question Stems Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7
Common Core Question Stems | Higher Order Thinking Questions | Plot, Theme, Inference, Compare and Contrast, and Poetry
  • What connections can me made between the visual presentation (illustrations) of … and the text of the story? 
  • Can you identify how the pictures of … relate specifically to imagery vocabulary?
  • Explain the selfish, mean, odd behavior of … and make inferences regarding the reason they demonstrate these emotions and or actions. 
  • Describe how the narrator’s point of view in … are described and how the reader perceives the character of …
  • Summarize the plot of …and then reflect on the challenges facing the characters in the story. 
  • Discuss and explore the theme of the story as it relates to plot.
  • Describe in depth the idyllic, treacherous, sparse or unrealistic setting of the story, drawing on specific details in the text.
  • Compare and contrast … and … by identifying similar themes and plots, examining the stories’ approach to the topic of ….
  • Refer to the elements of poetry (e.g., simile, metaphor, symbolism, imagery, verse, rhythm, meter) of … when analyzing a poem and contrasting the impact and differences of those elements to a prose summary of the poem.
  • Determine the meaning of the metaphor of … and contrast that figurative language to the meaning of the simile in …

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