Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to Go

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will be giving us 4 more years of accountability, vouchers, blaming teachers, inequality, and austerity, no trust, plus reform! Twenty plus years of bad public policy “accountability movement” has not worked, in fact it has made things worse for our kids! Do we think 4 more years will work or fix the problem with the giant cuts to education? 20 years of accountability, school reform, and top down education management, has produced great corporate profits, yet little or no academic success!

“A high bar. Maintaining accountability, high expectations, doing creative stuff around teacher and principal evaluation, and looking at under-performing schools” Arne Duncan Secretary of Education

We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars the last 20 years on the business initiated "accountability movement"! Now we have mass testing! Costly ineffective published reading, math, and science programs! So called literacy programs "Scientifically Researched" designed to improve student’s outcomes, yet more students are failing!

Business and politics has lead the worst development in the history of education and civilization, the idea of building workers as the primary job of public schools, not building prosperous citizens!

“The amount of change we've seen around the country is breathtaking. We've seen as much change if not more in states that did not receive funding as in states that did. So as much money as it was, in the end it wasn't about the money. It was about creating the space and the opportunity for folks to do what they knew was the right thing for children — and for whatever reason historically just didn't get done.” Arne Duncan Secretary of Education

Great change or chaos is caused by a lack of public funds, poor public policy, and a lack of equality! Public schools are closing; charter schools and vouchers create inequality in poor urban schools, so the solution is more inequality and accountability. Sean Taylor The Reading Sage

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