Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reading Boot Camp 5 Song Challenge!

 Reading Boot Camp 5 Song Challenge in Ten Days!

Let’s get ready for the end of term testing with a Mini Reading Boot Camp Challenge!

I am issuing a challenge to all Reading Boot Camp Students!
Can you learn 5-10 songs in ten days?

My students sing daily to build reading fluency and auditory processing (listening) skills. Singing and Learning songs, builds fluency, articulation, voice, memory, expression, word attack, cadence, rhyme, rhythm, tone, pitch, vocabulary, decoding, phonics, and FUN! Students are motivated, empowered, freed from traditional reading lessons, and intrinsically motivated when learning to sing a song. Learning to read is a very unforgiving process for many kids, learning a song gives them a great accomplishment in a very short time. Songs enrich and bring to life a students world in a way that is powerful! My students sing up to 8 times per day during the first few months of school. All you have to do is give students the lyrics and start the song, all else is built into the process.

Song 1

Song 2
song 3
song 4
song 4
song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
Song 9 and song 10 you decide!

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