Monday, March 12, 2012

Yes / No Phonics and Word Game

Free Yes / No Phonics Game

The Idea behind the Yes No Phonics and Word game is to help students use auditory discrimination to build phonemic awareness by quickly answering Yes No questions. Turn any word list or set of flash cards into a fast fun phonics game. YES / NO Short and long vowels, consonant blends, beginning sounds, ending sounds, syllables, silent e, and so much more.

Sample Yes No Phonics Questions!

Does the word end in a vowel? Yes/No

Does the word begin with a letter____? Yes/No

Does the word end with a consonant? Yes/No

Does the word luck have a ck like the word truck? Yes/No

Does the word read have ea like tea? Yes/No

Does bat, fat, cat, rat, hat, mat, and sat end with et? Yes/No

Does ice have a long I sound? Yes/ No

Does cat have a long a sound? Yes/No

Does the word ship start with ch? Yes/No

Does the word hand end with ng? Yes/No

Does the word slide start with st? Yes/No

Please share your favorite phonics games!

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