Friday, May 9, 2014

Adventure Playgrounds | The Land

Adventure Playgrounds | Adventure Playgrounds "junkyard playgrounds."

Berkeley CA Adventure Playground

Do Overprotected Children Need Adventure "Junkyard" Playgrounds? Should we let our children take real risk and learn how to do risk assessment in a potentially dangerous environment! Maybe its time to rethink risk, safety, discovery, modern childhood and playgrounds. 

Junkyard or Future Adventure Playground 
Adventure playgrounds, Junk Playgrounds are a place and space that children can truly be free, a place where children can engage in risky "dangerous behaviours" they can cut, nail, saw, destroy, build, burn, desing, get dirty, get silly, and everything else they are never aloud to do at a traditional playground. Usually an adventure playground is not designed for children, but built and created by children. 

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