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Make Money Blogging | Teacher and Education Blogs

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Make Money Blogging | Teacher and Educational Blogs that send visitors to their Teachers Pay Teachers products pages can make Millions! Repeat key words in you post abstract and your blog title "Make money Blogging"!

Can you make real money “second income” from blogging as a teacher? Yes you can make real money and even retire early! Some teachers make seven figures a year with a mixture of blog advertisements and products on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Before you can make a really good income from Teachers Pay Teachers you usually need to have a Blog with good traffic.

Making Money with a Blog and Ads! 

I use Google blogger a free blog hosting site that makes posting blogs, adding videos, sharing teacher made content via Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) and promoting my post to the most popular social media sites with ease. Most of the technical task can be picked up in a few hours.  The Google ads are easy to add and thousands of apps that you can embed to make you blog your own. 

The money that is generated can be used to subsidize your teacher's salary. The extra monthly income can range from 100-1000 dollars per month depending on the quality of the post and time spent blogging. My average income is 300-800 dollars per month and this has helped considering my teachers pay has stagnated with all the cuts to education. The money is deposited monthly into my checking account via Google. Google is great about giving advice on how to monetize your blog and ways of maximizing you revenues. 

How to get started with making money blogging! 

  1. Sign up with Blogger (free) or Wordsmith (subscription) 
  2. Start creating educational content that you find useful and post them to you blog
  3. Read articles, white papers, books, or talk with colleagues to find inspirational ideas for creating a great post 
  4. link your blog post with Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, and other social media websites
  5. Create free content that teachers will use and share
  6. Promote your blog post
  7. Connect with other educational bloggers 
  8. Stay flexible with what you blog about

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