Monday, May 5, 2014

Brain Break Videos of The Week | May 5th 2014

Brain Break Videos of the Week!
Socratic Question for my students: Why should we care about the Beagles in the video? Why is in necessary to test on animals? Why are these Beagles never allowed outside or allowed to play with other dogs!

From my Friend Rosanna. Thank You! Please share your amazing thought provoking videos that stir the desire to make a change in the human condition.

Rosanna, "I love stories like this. There is no violence against animals in this video because i refuse to spread that kind of malevolent and vile visualization. These dogs have been saved by some beautiful humans against the fetid putrefied ones working in the labs. Sometimes, I love humans again. This is an amazing story"

Brain Break Video II! Why would students in Korea go to school seven days a week? Why are they number one in the world for academics but last for happiness? How would you feel going to school 12 hours per day? 

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