Monday, May 5, 2014

Reading EOC End of Course | English Reading EOC Test

English Reading EOC End of Course Exams, Pretest, Assessments and Released Test | Reading End of Course SOL Virginia 

The SOL English Reading released tests are based on previous versions of the End of Course English Reading Standards of Learning (SOL) Assessments.  

Spring 2007 End of Course Reading
Spring 2008 End of Course Reading
Spring 2009 End of Course Reading
Spring 2010 End of Course Reading

Use the grade 8 and 7 as Pretest to prepare for the EOC Test!
Spring 2007 Grade 8 Reading
Spring 2008 Grade 8 Reading
Spring 2009 Grade 8 Reading
Spring 2010 Grade 8 Reading

Spring 2007 Grade 7 Reading
Spring 2008 Grade 7 Reading
Spring 2010 Grade 7 Reading
Spring 2011 Grade 7 Reading

English Reading EOC Test Vocabulary 

Adapt, Adage, Aesthetics, Affix, Analogy, Alliteration, Appeal (emotion, reason, authority), Archetype, Assonance, Assert, Audience, Author's intent, Cause, Characterize, Cite, Clarify, Classify, Combine, Compare, Conclude, Connote, Contrast, Convey, Critique, Dialogue, Diction, Debate, Dramatic, Etymology, Expository text, Figures of speech, Genre, Grammar, Imply, Infer, Inference, Insert, Interpretation, Irony, Latin root, List, Literary period, Literary Sub=genre, Main Idea, Mood, Parallel structure, Parody, Pathos, Personification, Philosophical point, Platform (political), Point of view, Policy statements, Political system, Position (opinion), Present, Provide, Purpose, Refer, Reflect, Relate, Remark, Replace, Repetition, Revise, Rewrite, Rhetoric, Roots (Greek, Latin, and Anglo‐Saxon,
Satire, Sequence, Setting, Speaker, Speech, Style, Sub‐Genre, Substitute, Subtlety, Suggest, Support, Theme, Tone, Transition, Validity, Viewpoint, Word analysis

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