Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arizona Raises the Bar For Reading and Writing Cut Scores: AIMS Test Scores 2011

Arizona Raises the Bar For Reading and Writing Cut Scores: 2011-2012

The Arizona Department of Education will raise AIMS reading and Writing cut scores in 2011-2012 to meet NCLB requirements. What does that mean for Arizona students? Student passing rates will crash in 2012, and schools will not meet NCLB/AYP requirements. The Arizona Department of Education reading cut scores were calibrated a year plus below grade level. The idea was that NCLB would eventually go away. The state legislator has sacrificed Arizona students in the name of low taxes and a business friendly environment.  Students in Arizona schools passed the AIMS with ease making schools appear to be highly performing the past ten years. No need to fund education in Arizona we stiil looked good on paper. We are happy to be at the bottom or lowest funded school systems in the nation. Reading and Writing exams with such a low passing threshold are the norm for many states not just Arizona and many states are under pressure to meet the NCLB mandate. Low quartile students that make up 30-70% of Arizona Title I students will fail the Reading portion of the AIMS in 2012 with standards set at grade level.


New Common Core Stretch Lexile Correspondence 

Arizona Reading performance standard cut scores in the Lexile metric

AIMS Meets the OLD Lexile Cut Scores         
  • 455 Lexile passing cut scores @ 50% comprehension 3rd grade
  • 560 Lexile passing cut scores @ 50% comprehension 4th grade
  • 660 Lexile passing cut scores @ 50% comprehension 5th grade
  • 720 Lexile passing cut scores @ 50% comprehension 6th grade
  • 780 Lexile passing cut scores @ 50% comprehension 7th grade
  • 835 Lexile passing cut scores @ 50% comprehension 8th grade

Arizona Passing Lexile or Grade Level Passing Rate on AIMS!
  • Age 8    grade 3     Lexile 550
  • Age 9    grade 4     Lexile 70
  • Age 10  grade 5     Lexile 800 
  • Age 11  grade 6     Lexile 900 
  • Age 12  grade 7     Lexile 975 
  • Age 13  grade 8     Lexile 105
  • Age 14  grade 9     Lexile 1100 
  • Age 15  grade 10   Lexile 1150 
  • Age 16  grade 11   Lexile 1200 
  • Age 17  grade 12   Lexile 1250 

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