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SEVENTH GRADE SPELLING WORDS: 7th grade spelling list


The Seventh Grade Spelling Words are an excerpt from my Eclectic Speller. The list is an edited version of the (Project Gutenberg) most common written English words from a 2005 analysis.

Mastering the 2000 most written words is imperative, students mastering the vocabulary will comprehend 90-95% of daily speech and 80-85% of school texts.

The list does not include the complete Academic Words by content area.

Yearly Vocabulary Goals for Reading Boot Camp

400 words mastered in 1st grade
800 words mastered in 2nd grade 1200 words learned
800 words mastered in 3rd grade 2000 words learned
800 words mastered in 4th grade 2800 words learned
800 words mastered in 5th grade 3600 words learned
800 words mastered in 6th grade 4400 word learned
800 words mastered in 7th grade 5200 words learned
800 words mastered in 8th grade 6000 words learned 

7th Grade Spelling Reading Vocabulary Words

obsolete abstract thoughtfully festival wholesome bunch ragged whereof cargo agricultural righteous steward adequate comrade attendants sombre pleaded eternity patiently code victorious needn't kindred monk bronze agriculture breed murderer yielding bestow symbol systems liking ornament instincts blade cordial pavement whereby ports fancies obedient halt evolution unnatural vow uncommon urge hearth spoiled prejudices exercises inherited cautiously startling chanced seventh cigarette embarrassed prior compact astonishing remorse talks commence labors crack drift token vaguely sol analysis juice usage extension buffalo telegraph professed diameter evenings split flush beauties dismal echo acceptance

publicly tan oven brandy reaction constituted tyrant exhibition philosophical dash emphasis limb carelessly revolver contemplation gut crowds interference rosy restraint democracy senate conventional slaughter consist rapidity controversy pepper strip terrace shrewd wax wickedness hue waking manufacture clearing resignation confounded indulgence foreigners paces jurisdiction descendants partially enclosed conspiracy brigade noblest penalty commonplace diseases serene envelope shaft compromise garment telegram stamp inscription patriotism genus diamond notable grip whoever deaf blast await awfully slew swim revived stages humility bottles prospects splendor speculation profitable shrill acute attract baron hunter principally competent massive devils constitute

drought rates screen extract coffin statesman enlightened complaints preservation eventually parole singularly offspring momentary sq. climbing oppression onward crowns sway regretted pint boundary conferred humbly inspection disappear troop pillars noisy imprisonment crystal magistrates travels vigor university lined shower identity comfortably imposing naught flashing serpent pub modify tempest plantation illusion unique frost slay deceased tightly urgent basin ammunition swing crest kneeling dainty plane complex glare substitute spectacles actor discoveries grove divers calamity henceforth detective regulating restoration freed accuracy mare kisses restrain downward prophecy resembled falsehood cage bonnet bud mournful executive

lance she'd swallow bravely legislature circulation device counter consumption grieved pursuing meadow kin remarkably possibilities comparative complicated heated obstinate hereditary repeatedly keenly 6th 10th converse airs varying troublesome traitor martial cautious ideals obstacle melody gratified wherefore charities horsemen armor identification disturbance overhead creeping shepherd footing avenue circular piled hasten engineer prophets penetrated striving indulged polish chimney prof. begging compensation expose efficient chariot provincial doomed supernatural flank scared assistant fund-raising painfully endeavor shrugged uncertainty hinder persecution impressive expedient invested seemingly wells plead refrain hail regulations contemplated

suffice quote nominally concentrated guidance wiped proprietor villain quest popularity sentimental skilful flows rounded nails clause cane hire respectful bury hedge sustain rural oblige valiant classical covers tedious blankets rugged pied logical delights richly judicial monarchy rely consistent tenth blossoms gorgeous lectures policeman jail eighteenth conjecture passionately universally destination legislative meets panic stress posterity gradual epoch champagne navigation logic hostess primary sales expert tube crush lesser politeness resolute effectually dominions definition lighter circuit annoyance realized argue trivial enlarged detained cord shan't patriotic patent alongside dearly devote

mute compilation prodigious promote beam habitual sack phenomenon resume democratic saluted tasted verdict trenches detach aristocracy unexpectedly skull impress traits repentance compel pension aloft improvements framed genial fulfill courteous interruption decorated tranquil she'll voluntary Jupiter joyful lays granite warlike barrel fortunately insignificant weariness admiral amazing repetition exertions resemble thieves greet fortified perilous smoked ivory luncheon displeasure pitiful withered energetic smote dispose sternly secondary parlor torment yoke repent groan waiter palaces intensely salute closet behave choked employee majestic revolutionary seizing

perplexed subordinate attentive synonymous champion kindled maintenance contribute discontent plunder inland shattered yea marine curve parliament dragging diplomatic nobleman superb expressive inasmuch inspire fuller topic margin dining scanning destitute odious associate demonstration vicious explanatory pulpit rejoicing chemical fragrant confidential gleaming merciful flattering underneath strive essay sanction threat communion settling duel expenditures blocks plunge valet shrine vehicle goodly mayor patch interposed snapped imitate coolly fuel integrity lame militia approbation typical expressly privately tract worshiped pm they'd

betwixt publish admirably dispersed energies signature orderly scanty gulf crude aristocratic ally transparent annually richest suspense pulse photographer explosion they've favored catastrophe sinner rash dispatch renew standards recognize depression rescued desolation furiously squadron authorized flora sturdy technical inevitably blushed happening censure encouraging urging exceptions seamen humorous weekly penetrate allegiance agency wanderlust entrusted perfume scope courtyard respectfully highway sauce verge ingenuity theology sabbath endeavored travail activities condemn forlorn attribute crooked studio

historic strengthen homeward unusually vegetation profoundly stature tolerably dazzling nineteenth mock tropical analyzed affliction brighter definitely statesmen fraud marvel comedian expenditure intently relationship sergeant strode sect antique insight ribbon humiliation raging suicide swelling exceed moult insane treacherous listing pomp reared efficiency practice lighting disclaim handled covenant keeper tavern float originator confronted clubs exposure infancy enforced environment factor invalid rubbing contribution piercing advocate discontinue supposition casual elegance inserted deem stained heretofore sweetest retirement backed

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