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TOEFL TEST VOCABULARY: ENGLISH STUDY VOCABULARY | Important English TOEFL vocabulary words from easy to advanced.

Reading Boot Camp is the Highest Quality Reading Instruction!

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A. Foster

READING BOOT CAMP is a FREE researched based RTI intervention program that uses best instructional practices with a qualification, teach to the very TOP, expose every student to grade level and above ELA concepts, lift all students using Socratic learning tactics, teach and treat all students as GIFTED, be flexible and have fun, set rigorous goals, and differentiate through scaffolding and cooperative learning. This is a philosophy that many disagree with and believe it is not pedagogically sound, usually by teachers that try to ability group and differentiate for 2-7 grade levels. RBC has 13 years of proven results, the RTI reading intervention improves reading test scores by one full grade level in 20 days. Reading Boot Camp is used in hundreds of classrooms and a handful of schools as a proven school-wide and classroom turnaround program. Example 90 Minute Reading Block RTI READING BOOT CAMP

English Sight Words:

PRESCHOOL: a, and, away, big, blue, can, come, down, find, for, funny, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one, play, red, run, said, see, the, three, to, two, up, we, where, yellow, you

KINDERGARTEN: all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes

1st Grade: after, again, an, any, as, ask, by, could, every, fly, from, give, giving, had, has, her, him, his, how, just, know, let, live, may, of, old, once, open, over, put, round, some, stop, take, thank, them, then, think, walk, were, when

2nd Grade: always, around, because, been, before, best, both, buy, call, cold, does, don't, fast, first, five, found, gave, goes, green, its, made, many, off, or, pull, read, right, sing, sit, sleep, tell, their, these, those, upon, us, use, very, wash, which, why, wish, work, would, write, your

3rd Grade: about, better, bring, carry, clean, cut, done, draw, drink, eight, fall, far, full, got, grow, hold, hot, hurt, if, keep, kind, laugh, light, long, much, myself, never, only, own, pick, seven, shall, show, six, small, start, ten, today, together, try, warm

Nouns: apple, baby, back, ball, bear, bed, bell, bird, birthday, boat, box, boy, bread, brother, cake, car, cat, chair, chicken, children, Christmas, coat, corn, cow, day, dog, doll, door, duck, egg, eye, farm, farmer, father, feet, fire, fish, floor, flower, game, garden, girl, good-bye, grass, ground, hand, head, hill, home, horse, house, kitty, leg, letter, man, men, milk, money, morning, mother, name, nest, night, paper, party, picture, pig, rabbit, rain, ring, robin, Santa Claus, school, seed, sheep, shoe, sister, snow, song, squirrel, stick, street, sun, table, thing, time, top, toy, tree, watch, water, way, wind, window, wood

the of and to in I that was he his it with is for as had you not be on at her by which have or from this him but all she were they my are me so one their an said we them who would been will no when there if more out up any into do your has man what could other our than some very time about upon may its only now little like then can made vowel should did us such a great question letter before must these two sign see over know much  after first Mr.

down good men own most never where old day work those come shall himself came way without life make go long being well through might say am on too many even again back here people think every same under last went thought found take still hand place also while just against though young years get ever things give part nothing face off right left once another setting world house saw three new always took put head love each fairy-tale Mrs. night between son few because mind tell whom thing heart far seemed set whole days got country

both find done name told look having heard seen let going better home moment knew side something course among full enough woman father soon words sentence gave end almost cannot small door room water want however brought given word whose use quite light best does morning till myself since present turned used themselves rather until power others felt syllable money mother began less war next living-room within form large poor certain year together matter kind stood order often sent half herself friend wife anything keep true means folk-tale index narrative hundred round point state  received white believe passed

person read feet case pour city children alone above fact high problem already dear known met English says gone times girl least perhaps land hope nature return letter open along air sure indeed number leave four body women either free help wish business during general poem several therefore hour lay held friends second fire speak whether narrative reason john thousand manner cried king forth become note question directions call terms became replied lost why behind family advertisement dead possible following law feel electronic cause boy care different plus looking ground rest making soul really town mean human truth short kept subject 

the of and to in I that was he his it with is for as had you not be on at her by which have or from this him but all she were they my are me so one their an said we them who would been will no when there if more out up any into do your has man what could other our than some very contraction time about upon may its only now little like then can paragraph made should did us such a great before must these two see over know much  after first Mr.

down good men own most never where old day work those come shall himself came way without life make go long being well through might say am too many even again back opposite here people think every same under last went thought found take still hand place also while nursery-rhyme just  against though young years get ever things give part riddle nothing face off right left once another world house saw three new always took put head love each Mrs. night between son few because mind tell whom thing heart far  seemed set whole days got country

both find done name told look having heard seen let going better home moment knew side something course among full enough woman father soon words gave end almost cannot small door room water want however brought given word whose use quite light best does morning till myself since present turned used themselves rather until power others felt money mother began less war next living-room within form large poor certain year together matter kind stood order often sent half herself friend wife anything keep true means hundred round point state received white believe passed

person read feet case pour city children alone above fact high already dear known meet English says gone times girl least perhaps land hope nature return letter open along air sure indeed number leave four body women either free help wish business during general several therefore hour lay held friends second fire speak whether reason thousand manner cried king forth become question call terms became replied lost why behind family dead possible following law feel electronic cause boy care different plus looking ground rest making soul really town mean human truth short kept subject 

five east need evening able strong earth live sea doubt answer lady understand around seems ten hard sort ask sense beautiful fear character turn party followed force bring close fine black hold dark written age spirit interest show sight necessary account book ready common bed talk story table idea  line early longer can't paid else river sometimes brother across miles van later copy art saying mark change feeling everything purpose eye position six further copyright past meet deep happy seem act suddenly stand taking strange rose view late nearly neither beyond blood real cold service suppose none

road forward army I've sound agreement clear effect sun pretty daughter knowledge husband mine toward peace bad natural cut living remember except below didn't office low fair American fall laid history pay doing pass note hair Dr. led charge makes run front government horse although receive attention desire play opinion red gold important master paper church company rhyme certainly tried silence placed probably ago wind especially greater distance length strength arm duty persons send glad beauty big tout fellow latter information bear window foot trouble gentleman lips wrote various object particular minutes

wild ran faith save smile visit wrong chief hardly beginning enemy deal sleep March chance immediately presence action according loved follow thinking plain walked condition drew standing per knows rich unless heavy single try secret write  impossible sweet influence outside carry mouth occasion ship unto appear dinner joy broken places property regard afraid hat seeing figure please won't former period whatever appearance system instead simple battle afterwards merely struck reach learned mere twenty tears easily stay married expression exclaimed born respect giving court man's week school youth permission caught writing language sister agree slowly generally usual noble

command food getting worth quiet remain date support fit ancient green duke walk result month society showed third notice grew expected wonder laughed entirely goes bound due village fight fresh perfect direction cost reading tone main tree conversation considerable street book silent success beside meant trademark chair some what wall considered provide stone individual greatest wished lines boat proper heaven bright opportunity sudden field waiting private afternoon scarcely quickly formed trying etc. block quote political race scene seven wait speaking music sit religion news authority begin marriage speech that's broke difficult honor effort

top original access step cry domain fast medium justice troops lie personal summer America garden author sitting paragraph passage ways terrible fortune happiness vain ill picture study pain possession supposed grand bit situation nation attempt takes century cast floor prepared eight eat determined grave hot produce killed island associated drawn camp watch escape likely leaves wood instant refund fifty ourselves spring fee plan ladies modern existence simply hart memory meeting pleasant perfectly laugh surprise corner soft dress turning military forget trust fixed beneath allow religious equal passion reply shore conduct break spent wise

rise sake degree spot winter breath built touch minute courage looks board official rate middle sky promise physical complete distribute instance provided pale higher loss offer move train shot stop class lead father's running spoken moral glass I'd directly example worse sufficient obliged  warm spite start vs. car social safe wouldn't ones serious doctor shown non forms lower request attack servant lot trade path drink proved silver special pride meaning smiled wonderful health rule share twelve ears movement expect enter north engaged legal advantage darkness spread marked taste foreign vast officer importance seat

ordinary excellent bill sorry native method rock confidence consider tax dream mighty extent grace heads concerning liberty game wine opposite sword distribution judge glance greatly iron difference space besides promised pure isn't gentlemen prince page particularly thirty additional exactly finally anxious clothes shook working prove marry captain sign progress glory distant possessed serve fancy obtain freely lose south sought July similar building narrow dry watched honor search yes forgotten anyone accept sad clearly knowing points hill neck hearts judgment hall aside quick honest June lies altogether mountain agreed measure otherwise

holding report fate sick proud choose million rights aid amount bank capital royal fully animal posted secure forest stream created coast bottom Washington succeeded bread advance claim delight fashion papers stage desired portion cross brave servants expense principal seek ear creature freedom there's weather surface thick carriage false rain grow add tall stranger served faces comfort dare necessity surprised national  fingers check shoulders blow presently hung sons throughout gentle education touched numerous gate immediate wealth august song practice group waited draw style quietly growing fond holy opening famous species grass active shoulder consequence frequently

fish Spanish encore snow phrase contact pity telling angry tongue tired science remarkable yours taught collection sharp surely powerful price equally willing November Spanish season divine principle woods kill naturally weight genius material popular thin guard alive quarter virtue intellectual weak habit reader windows owner entire crossed sentence companion moist golden list valley interested liked brown bore  gathered saved tender dangerous aware bent approach  December distributing forces apparently handsome pray shadow slight familiar direct midst evidently yellow sacred wounded pounds calm January moon nine unknown numbers hast express kingdom uncle guess prepare hearing

address slaves remarked follows included mass favor twice sympathy satisfaction actually throw affection imagination chose fees fault nice station truly affair machine putting advice hopes April ceased absence demanded content size becomes impression imagine dressed storm proceeded task whispered consideration listen listened suffer beat extraordinary priest farther regular treated rode wisdom contain mission bay sorrow hurt edge watching fool post resolved informed smiling discover relief birth wholly noise burst total title explanation legs supper crime empty policy lovely soldier comply lifted October happen constant based demand square rapidly series previous don't mention busy shape burning

receiving quality smoke slave assistance thank moving current won message flesh soil calling credit pocket fruit capable coat fort sum loud brain final sending laughing bearing forty volunteers absolutely double mother's bird completely conscience low pair destroy explain belief fifteen slow grief falling east continue ring provisions faithful excitement shame tender standing nearer welcome dying mad buy sold separate cruel wasn't hoped loose splendid motion bitter stars prayer god's kindly release relation upper remove center drawing proof amongst supply control join notes worst knees firm ride addition yesterday useful delicate mercy admit catch practical constantly friendly prison

minister increase labor process rooms terror brief um fail spiritual color doesn't instantly dozen intention entrance exercise mistake bought doors acquaintance member civil gain cover protection wear unable color dust attached sing enjoy literary blind gradually intelligence text clean buried mistress needs apply chamber sooner anger cities require nose extreme everybody praise ahead huge paying volume license hate edition rough partly escaped fly tale equipment rare energy assured highly safety variety custom event souls theory drop couple whenever closely thoroughly site careful female bare lake everywhere ease circle suit lover cup favor despair

faint goods September roof dull plans kindness writer gray fairly connection castle rendered successful cousin natives attitude manners apart services evident clouds immense admiration hotel yards awful conscious becoming gently article learning voyage limited trial compliance labor fellows anywhere flight eager raise development precious milk type weary abroad innocent avoid med skin singing destroyed cent you've harry salt voices cool ad stock dire violent plenty mental lest visible prisoner pardon status departure solemn anxiety growth treatment queen audience curiosity consent temps dreadful interrupted expenses miserable paused whilst record donate count February seldom actual computer 

production ruin kings scattered sufficiently fill charming earnest bow guide anybody utterly dance younger hurried brothers remark temper base severe teach beg library article kissed police conclusion skill slavery chiefly confusion quantity temple likewise gift excuse valuable triumph plants absolute extremely harm whence ice-cream sell companion stairs  store flat witness ed bold argument emotion sand wound unhappy inquired observe expedition desert sail rage liability patient slept doctrine range wicked reality local foolish self sentiment ignorant destruction source humble shop kiss origin band glorious rushed ball habits maid generous guilty division resolution win inclined

setting regret murder discovery formerly staff throat commercial eternal cap pause refuse related replacement unfortunate readily speed violence midnight delay lately reputation kitchen stepped exact sang stick attend softly shade consciousness punishment estate slightly frightened singular fatal indicate troubled profit philosophy household fleet difficulties press bosom hers forgot melancholy electronically thanks delighted spend blessed possess region disease gun wit fierce career links image proceed belong horror arise belonged plant woman's Governor market wondered mankind hence waste suspicion mystery suggestion flower reign shining fame cloud afford trembling appeal uttered host hide sugar painted pushed ashamed finger somewhere

doubtless agreeable domestic aunt guests utmost shalt lack reasonable strongly error blame reward applicable forehead patience majority shouted disposition properly misery glanced picked design thence rapid opposition risk vol behold render reference baby hero deck branch bowed decision breaking thine defective benefit murmured china issue gaze plainly gets disk distinct occasionally permanent alike print ignorance probable invited meal approaching artist savage disposed exist occasions humanity spare mounted farm surged begged celebrated corn weakness cloth sheep utter fourth nodded charm limitation chapter dared dawn atmosphere verse quarters oh flame lights forever enthusiasm holder job gray

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400+ Eclectic Synonyms

acclaim v; applaud
acrid adj; bitter
adapt v; modify
adept adj; expert
adhere v; stick
admonish v; advise
advent n; coming
affluent adj; prosperous
aggravate adj; deteriorate
ailment n; sickness,
allot v; distribute
amiable adj; friendly
appraise v; evaluate
apt adj; proper, inclined
astonishing adj; surprising
attain v; accomplish, achieve, reach
augment v; supplement, increase
averse adj; afraid of, opposed, against
awkward adj; clumsy, torpe
baffle v; confuse
balmy adj; warm
ban v; prohibit
bar v; prevent, obstruct
barren adj; sterile
barter v; exchange
beckon v; call, signal
beneficial adj, helpful, useful
bias n; prejudice
blanched adj; pale
bland adj; tasteless
blatant adj; obvious
blend v; mix
bloom v; flower, blossom
blow up v; became angry, magnify
blunder v; make a mistake; n; error
blunt adj; un-sharpened
blurry adj; unfocused
bold adj; brave
bolster v; support, boost
bond v; join. N; connection
boom v; expand. N; expansion
brace v; reinforce
brisk adj; vigorous, cool
brittle adj; fragile
bulky adj; large, clumsy
bully v; torment, maton
buttress v; support, boost
capable adj; competent
carve v; cut
cautious adj; careful
cherish v; appreciate, treasure
cite v; refer to
clash v; argue, argument
clever adj; smart
clink v; stick
clog v; obstruct
clumsy adj; inept
cluster n; group, collection
coax v; persuade
commence v; begin
commodity n; product
compel v; require, force
compliment v; praise, flatter
curt adj; blunt, impolite
curb v; limit, control
likewise adv; in the same way
moreover adv; In addition
further adv; Beyond
furthermore adv; In addition
indeed adv; truly
besides adv; also
chiefly adv; mainly
markedly adv; clearly
above all adv; in particular, especially
hence adv; for this cause
therefore adv; consequently
thus adv; consequently
otherwise adv; if not
thereupon adv; with this
wherefore adv; As a result
rather adv; relatively
instead adv; as a replacement for
conversely adv; on the contrary
nevertheless adv; in contrast
though adv; even if
whereas adv; while
afterward adv; then
meanwhile adv; for now
brief adv; concise
whole adv; entire
overall adv; in general
comprehensive adj; complete, thorough, exhaustive
compulsory adj; necessary, mandatory
concede v; recognize, acknowledge
concise adj; brief, short
conspicuous adj; obvious, noticeable
cope with v; deal with, manage, handle
copious adj; abundant
cosmopolitan adj; sophisticated, worldly
courteous adj; polite
covert adj; secret
cozy adj; comfortable, intimate
crave v; desire, long for, hope for
craze n, fad, popular but shot-lived
crooked adj; curved, corrupt
cryptic adj; secret, mysterious
Although adj; even if, though
Seldom adj; hardly ever
doubt n; question
Worth n; significance, merit
Shallow adj; superficial, trivial
damp adj; wet
daring adj; bold, brave
dazzling adj; sparkling
debris n; wreckage, ruins
defective adj; broken
defiant adj; insubordinate
Average n; promethium
delightful ad; charming
devise v; invent, plan
device n; instrument
dim adj; unclear
din n; noise, clamor
dire adj; desperate, serious
discard adj; abandon
Budget n; financial plan
dismal adj; gloomy, depressing
distinct adj; discrete, separate
distinguished adj; celebrated, famous
dogged adj; stubborn, determined
dot v; are locate in n; point
doze v; sleep, nap
drab adj; uninteresting, dreary, Bored
drawback n; weakness, flaw
drench v; to wet, soak
drowsy adj; sleepy
dubious adj; doubtful, uncertain
dusk n; sunset, evening
dwell v; live, reside
dwelling n, residence
dwindle v; decrease
eerie adj; strange, unusual
elderly adj; old, aged
elude v; escape, evade
enchanting adj; charming, Captivating
encounter v. meet, find n; meeting
endeavor n; effort, attempt
endorse v; authorize
enhance v; intensify
ensue v; follow
entice v; to attract, to tempt, lure
esteem v; cherish, admire
fable n; mythical story
fabled adj; legendary
facet n; aspect, feature
faint adj; weak, faded
falter v; hesitate, waver, vacilar
faulty adj; flawed, inferior
feasible adj; possible
fee n; payment, fare
feeble adj; weak, fragile
feverish adj; having a fever, intense, busy
fiery adj; burning, passionate
fitting adj; suitable, proper
flaw n; defect
flee v; escape, elude
fleeting adj; short-lived
flimsy adj; frail, fragile
foe n; enemy
forage v; hunt, search
forego v; abandon, give up
foremost adj; principal, dominant
forge v; create, make, copy improperly
fragrant adj; aromatic
fuse v; join, unite
futile adj; vain
fuzzy adj; hairy, blurry
exhilarating adj; exciting, thrilling
gag n; joke, mordaza, feel momentarily sick
gap n; breach
garrulous adj; talkative
gaudy adj; conspicuous, showy
genial adj; pleasant, cordial
grasp v; grab, seize, understand
grim adj; severe, somber
grip v; hold, grasp, possession
grueling adj; exhausting, arduous
gullible adj; credulous, naive
hamper v; delay, obstruct
handful n; only a few
haphazard adj; random, aimless
hardship n; difficulty
harm v; injure
harmful adj; destructive
harness v; control, utilize
harsh adj; severe, strict
hasty adj; quick, rushed
hazardous adj; dangerous
hazy adj; foggy, unclear
heed v, obey, mind
hinder v; block, hamper
hitherto adv; up to now, previously
hoist v; lift, raise
hue n; color, shade
hurl v; pitch, throw
idle adj; inactive, lazy
impair v; damage, spoil, interfere with
indigenous adj; native
indistinct adj; unclear, blurry
induce adj; persuade
inhabit v; live, dwell,
inhibit v; control, limit
innate adj, natural, inborn
irate adj; angry, upset
jagged adj; rough, irregular
jeopardy n; risk, threat
jolly adj; joyful, cheerful
jolt v; shock, n; surprise,
keen adj; clever, sharp
knack n; skill, talent
lack v; need, require n; absence, scarcity
lag v; fall behind, go slowly
lavish adj; luxurious, abundant
lax adj, careless, negligent
leisure n; free time
liable adj; legally responsible
likely adj; probable, plausible
linger v; remain, stay
long v; desire, wish for
lull v; soothe, calm n; pause, break
lure v; attract, tempt
lurid adj; shocking, graphic
lurk v; prowl, hide
luster n; shine, radiance
mar v; damage, spoil
mend v; fix, repair
mild adj; gentle, temperate
mingle v; blend, mix
mist n; fog, haze
morale n; spirit, confidence
mourn v; lament, cry, show sorrow
murky adj; unclear, cloudy, foggy
mushroom v; expand rapidly
negligible adj. unimportant, trivial
nightmarish adj. frightening, terrifying, horrible
nimble adj. graceful, agile
notable adj. remarkable, conspicuous, striking
notify v inform, tell
notion n. idea, concept, thought
notorious adj. infamous, disreputable
novel adj. new, innovative
objective adj. fair, impartial, unbiased, neutral; n. goal, purpose, aim
oblong adj. oval
obscure adj. unfamiliar, ambiguous, little-known
obsolete adj. antiquated, out of date, outmoded
offspring adj. strange, unusual, peculiar, curious
ominous n. young, children, descendants
ornamental adj. threatening, menacing, dangerous
opulent adj. luxurious, plush, affluent
odd adj. ornate, decorative, elaborate, showy
outgoing adj. (1) open, friendly; (2) departing, leaving
outlook n. (1) opinion, view; (2) prospect, forecast
outstanding adj. excellent, exceptional, notable, well known
overall adj. general, comprehensive
overcast adj. cloudy, gloomy
overcome v. subdue, defeat, overwhelm
overlook v. ignore, disregard, neglect
oversee v. supervise, manage, direct
oversight n. error, mistake, omission
overt adj. open, obvious, conspicuous
overwhelm v. catch up with, reach
overtake v. (1) astonish, astound, shock; (2) conquer, defeat, overcome, overpower
pace n. rate, speed
painstaking adj. careful, conscientious, thorough
pale adj. white, colorless, faded
paltry adj. unimportant, minor, trivial
paramount adj. chief, top, vital, supreme
particle n. piece, bit, fragment
path n. trail, track, way, route
peculiar adj. (1) strange, odd, puzzling; (2) distinctive, characteristic, unique, special
penetrate v. enter, go through, go into, pierce, puncture
perceive v. observe, sense, notice
peril n. danger, hazard, risk, threat
perilous adj. dangerous, risky, ominous, hazardous
perpetual adj. constant, endless, eternal
perplexing adj. puzzling, mystifying, confusing
pierce v. penetrate, puncture, stab, go into
pivotal adj. important, key, crucial
plague n. epidemic; v. trouble, bother, harass, vex
plausible adj. likely, credible, believable
plead v. appeal, beg
plush adj. luxurious, opulent, rich, elegant
ponder v. consider, think about, reflect on
portion n. share, part, section, segment
postpone v. delay, put off, defer
potent adj. strong, powerful, effective
pounce v. jump, leap, spring
precious adj. expensive, costly, rare, desirable
precise adj. accurate, exact, definite
premier adj. (1) first, opening, earliest, initial; (2) chief, leading, foremost
prescribed adj. arranged, set, agreed on
pressing adj. urgent, crucial, compelling
pretext n. excuse, pretense, justification
prevail v. succeed, win, triumph
prevalent adj. common, widespread, popular
prior adj. earlier, preceding, former
probe v. investigate, inquire into
procure v. obtain, acquire, secure
profound adj. important, significant, deep
profuse adj. plentiful, abundant, copious
prompt adj. punctual, timely
prosper v. flourish, thrive, succeed
provoke v. (1) irritate, anger, annoy; (2) cause, trigger
prudent adj. careful, sensible, cautious
pulverize v. crush, grind, powder
pungent adj. bitter, harsh, biting, sharp
pursue v. chase, follow, seek
puzzling adj. mystifying, confusing, baffling
quaint adj. charming in an old fashioned way, picturesque, curious
quake v. shiver, shake, tremble
quandary n. problem, dilemma, predicament
quarrel n. argument, dispute, disagreement
quest n. search, journey, venture
radiant adj. bright, shiny, glowing
ragged adj. torn, tattered, worn
range v. (1) extend, vary, fluctuate; (2) roam, wander; n. scope, extent, spectrum
rash adj. thoughtless, careless, reckless
raw adj. (1) uncooked; (2) unprocessed, unrefined, crude; (3) sore, tender
raze v. demolish, level, knock down
real estate n. property such as buildings and land
rebuke v. scold, reprimand
recede v. retreat, go back, subside, withdraw
reckless adj. careless, rash
recollect v. recall, remember
recount v. narrate, tell
refine v. improve, process, purify
refuge n. shelter, haven, retreat
refuse v. reject, turn down, tell someone "no"; n. waste, garbage, trash
rehearse v. practice, train, go over
reliable adj. dependable, trustworthy
relish v. enjoy, savor, like
remarkable adj. incredible, amazing, extraordinary, noteworthy
remedy n. treatment, cure
remnant n. remainder, balance, fragment
remote adj. isolated, distant
renowned adj. famous, celebrated, notable
resent v. dislike, take offense at
retract v. withdraw, pull back
riddle n. puzzle, mystery
rigid adj. (1) stiff, unbending; (2) harsh, severe, strict
rip v. tear, cut, slash
ripe adj. mature, developed
risky adj. dangerous, hazardous, treacherous
roam v. travel, wander, range
rough adj. (1) uneven, jagged, rugged; (2) difficult; (3) impolite
route n. way course, path, road
routine n. custom, habit, daily schedule; adj. ordinary, typical, regular, normal
rudimentary adj. elementary, fundamental, primitive
rugged adj. (1) jagged, rough, uneven; (2) strong, sturdy
rumor n. gossip, story
rural adj. agricultural
ruthless adj. cruel, brutal, vicious
salvage v. save, rescue, recover, retrieve
savage adj. fierce, wild, aggressive, ferocious, belligerent
scale v. climb; n. (1) range, spectrum; (2) proportion
scarce adj. rare, sparse
scatter v. disperse, spread
scent n. aroma, fragrance, odor, smell
scorn n. mockery, derision, contempt, ridicule
scrap v. abandon, get rid of; n. piece, fragment
seasoned adj. experienced, veteran
secluded adj. hidden, isolated, secret
secrete v. produce (a liquid), squirt
sensational adj. thrilling, exciting, shocking
serene adj. quiet, peaceful, calm, tranquil
sever v. cut, slice off
severe adj. (1) harsh, strict, austere; (2) undecorated, plain
shred v. break, smash, fragment
sheer adj. (1) steep, sharp, abrupt; (2) transparent, thin, filmy
shimmer v. shine, glow, glisten, gleam
shatter v. rip up, tear up
shrewd adj. clever, sly
shrill adj. piercing, high-pitched
shun v. avoid, stay away from
shy adj. timid, reserved, easily frightened
significant adj. important, vital, major
signify v. symbolize, stand for, indicate, represent
simulate v. imitate, reproduce
sketch v. draw; n. drawing, picture, diagram
slender adj. thin, slim, slight; (2) unlikely
slim adj. (1) slender, thin, slight, trim; (2) unlikely
slice n. thin piece; v. cut, carve, divide
sluggish adj. slow, listless, lazy, lethargic
sly adj. cunning, clever, shrewd
soak v. wet, drench, saturate
solace n. comfort, consolation, relief
solitary adj. alone, single, solo, isolated
somber adj. serious, grave, solemn
sort v. classify, categorize; n. type, kind, variety
sound adj. safe, solid, secure; n. noise
sow v. plant
span v. extend, bridge, connect; n. length, extent, range
spawn v, generate, create, produce; n. offspring, descendants
specific adj. definite, particular, exact
specimen n. example, sample
spectacular adj. dramatic, sensational, impressive
spell n. interval, period, time
spirited adj. lively, energetic, vigorous
splendid adj. excellent, superb, wonderful
spoil v. (1) ruin, mar; {2} decay, deteriorate, decompose, rot
spot v. locate, find, see, identify; n. (1) location, site; (2) mark, stain, speck
spur v. stimulate, impel, encourage, provoke; n. inducement, stimulus
stable adj. steady, secure, stationary, fixed
stage v. present, put on; n. grade, step, level, phase
stain v. color, tint, discolor, dye; n. spot, mark, blemish
stale adj. (1) old, dry; (2) dull, trite, uninteresting
stall v. halt, delay, put off
standard n. pattern, ideal, norm; adj. normal, typical, ordinary, regular, stock
stately adj. dignified, grand, magnificent, elegant
steep adj. sheer, perpendicular
stern adj. firm, severe, strict, harsh
stock n. (1) supply, collection; (2) goods, merchandise; v. have a supply of, carry; adj. standard, routine, ordinary, typical
stray adj. wandering, undirected, lost, uncontrolled
striking adj. difficult, arduous
strive adj. loud, insistent
struggle n. conflict, dispute, struggle
stubborn adj. prominent, remarkable, unusual, conspicuous, noteworthy, dramatic
stunning v. attempt, try
sturdy v. fight, argue, dispute; n. conflict, strife, battle, effort
subsequent adj. rigid, uncompromising, obstinate
subtle adj. (1) surprising, shocking; (2) attractive, beautiful
sundry adj. strong, rugged, well built
summit adj. later, succeeding, following, ensuing
suitable adj. indirect, suggestive, implied
strenuous adj. appropriate, correct, apt
strife n. peak, apex, zenith
strident adj. miscellaneous, diverse, various
superb adj. excellent, splendid
supplant v. replace, substitute for
supple adj. pliable, flexible, bendable
sway v. (1) wave, rock, swing, bend; (2) persuade, influence
sweeping adj. complete, exhaustive, general, comprehensive
swift adj. fast, quick, rapid
swivel v, rotate, spin, turn
symbolize v. represent, stand for
tact n. diplomacy, discretion, poise
tale n. story, legend
tame v. domesticate, master; adj. docile, domesticated, gentle
tamper (with) v, interfere (with)
tangled adj. knotted, twisted
tart adj. sour, tangy, piquant
taunt v. insult, mock, torment
tedious adj. boring, dull, tiresome
telling adj. effective, convincing, forceful
temperate adj. mild, moderate
tempting adj. alluring, attractive, enticing
tender adj. (1) delicate, soft; (2) gentle, loving; (3) sore, painful, raw
terminate v. end, finish, cease
thaw v. melt, warm up
thorough adj. complete, comprehensive
thoroughfare n. avenue, street
thrifty adj. economical, inexpensive
thrilling adj. exciting, stimulating, stirring, electrifying
thrive v. prosper, flourish
thwart v. prevent, impede, obstruct
tidings n. news, message
tilt v. incline, slope
timid adj. fearful, shy, retiring
tint n. color, hue, shade, tone; v. color, stain, dye
tiresome adj. tedious, dull, boring
toil v. labor, work; n. exertion, labor, work
tolerant adj. patient, impartial, open-minded
topple v. knock over, knock down, bring down, uproot
torment v. taunt, abuse, bully
torrent n. flood, deluge
tough adj. durable, strong
tow v. haul, draw, pull, drag
toxic adj. poisonous, noxious
trait n. characteristic, feature, quality
tranquil adj. quiet, peaceful, relaxing
transient adj. temporary, momentary, passing
transparent adj. clear, see-through
treacherous adj. dangerous, hazardous
ultimate n. drip, leak
triumph n. victory, success, achievement; v. win, succeed, prevail
trivial adj. unimportant, minor
trying adj. demanding, difficult, troublesome
tug v. pull, draw; n. pull
twilight n. evening, dusk
unbearable adj. (1) conclusive, definite, final; (2) maximum, highest, best
trickle adj. intolerable, agonizing
uncouth adj. impolite, rude, vulgar
underlying adj. fundamental, basic
undertake v. try, attempt
ungainly adj. awkward, unskillful
uniform adj. consistent, regular
unique adj. singular, one of a kind, special
unravel v. solve, explain
unruly adj. unmanageable, disorganized, disorderly
unsound adj. defective, faulty, unsafe
upheaval n. disturbance, disorder
uphold v. support, sustain
upkeep n. maintenance
uproar n. disorder, disturbance, commotion
urbane adj. sophisticated, cultured, elegant
urge v. encourage, advise, implore
urgent adj. pressing, compelling
utensil n. tool, implement, device
utter v. say, speak; adj. total, absolute, complete
vacant adj. empty, unoccupied
vague adj. unclear, uncertain, ambiguous
vain adj. (1) useless, pointless, unsuccessful, futile; (2) conceited, arrogant
valid adj. genuine, authentic, legitimate
vanish v. disappear, go away
variable adj. changeable, shifting
vast adj. huge, enormous, extensive, immense
venomous adj. poisonous
verbose adj. talkative, wordy
verge n. brink, edge, threshold
verve n. enthusiasm, energy
vessel n. (1) container, bottle; (2) ship, craft
vex v. irritate, anger, annoy
viable adj. (1) alive, living; (2) feasible, practical, possible
vicinity n. area, proximity, zone
vigorous v. compete (with), rival
vie (with) adj. dynamic, energetic, spirited
virtual adj. almost, nearly, not quite
vital adj. critical, crucial, key, essential
vivacious adj. lively, cheerful
vivid adj. clear, distinct, graphic
vow v. promise, pledge, swear; n. oath, promise, pledge
wage n. salary, pay, earnings
waive u to surrender (rights, privileges)
wake n. the track of a ship in water
wander v. roam, travel, range
wane v. shrink, decrease, decline
ware n. goods, merchandise
warn v. alert, caution, advise
warning n. alarm, alert
warp v. deform, bend, twist
wary adj. careful, cautious, alert
weary adj. tired, exhausted, fatigued
whiff adj. strange, eerie, unusual
well-to-do adj. rich, wealthy, affluent
weird n. a slight smell
wholesome adj. healthy, nutritious, beneficial
wicked adj. evil, corrupt, immoral
widespread adj. extensive, prevalent, sweeping
wily adj. crafty, cunning, shrewd
wise adj. astute, prudent, intelligent
withdraw v. retreat, pull out, remove
wither v. dry, shrivel, wilt
withhold v. reserve, retain, hold back
witty adj. comic, clever, amusing
woe n. trouble, distress, sorrow
wonder v. think about, speculate, ponder; n. marvel, miracle wound v. injure, hurt; n. injury
wrinkle n. line, crease (in clothing, skin, etc.); v. to put lines or creases in something; to have lines or creases
yearn v. desire, crave, want
zone v. (1) give up, surrender; (2) produce, supply; n. production, output, crop
zealous adj. enthusiastic, eager
zenith n. peak, tip, apex, summit
yield n. area, vicinity, region
issue n; topic

Tier 1 Academic Vocabulary: Basic words that commonly appear in spoken language. Because they are heard frequently in numerous contexts and with nonverbal communication, Tier 1 words rarely require explicit instruction.Examples of Tier 1 words are clock, baby, happy and walk.

Tier 2 Academic Vocabulary: Less high frequency words used by mature language users across several academic content areas. Because of their lack of redundancy in oral language and their multiple meaning or descriptive nature, Tier 2 words present challenges to students who primarily meet them in print and on test. Examples of Tier 2 words are obvious, complex, establish and verify. Blooms and Webb's DOK verbs are integral to any successful reading instruction or intervention.

Tier 3 Academic Vocabulary: Low Frequency words that are not frequently used except in specific academic content areas or domains. Tier 3 words are central to building backgrounds knowledge and conceptual understanding within the various academic domains and should be integral to instruction of content. Medical, legal, biology and mathematics terms are all examples of these words.

Links to PDF Academic Word List

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Academic Tier 3 Science Glossary (Glossary at the end of the PDF doc,)
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Mr. Taylor's Kid Friendly Academic Vocabulary

Third Grade

A book of maps or a book of tables, charts, pictures on one subject.
Mr. Taylor has a world atlas in his classroom.

A shorter form of a word or phrase, i.e. AZ for Arizona.
The abbreviation for the United States of America is U.S.A.

A word that modifies a verb by identifying time, place, speed, etc.
Quickly is an adverb in the sentence "Jose quickly finished his homework. "

A word opposite in meaning to another word.
Cold is the antonym of hot.

The mark used to show a letter or letters have been left out of a word or phrase or to show ownership.
Example of letters left out: You've is short for "you have" and an apostrophe shows that "have" is missing two letters.
Example of ownership: Mr. Taylor's class reads several books each year.
Example of ownership: The apostrophe in the sentence "Mr. Taylor's class reads several books each year." shows the class belongs to Mr. Taylor.

One meaning of "bias" is to like or dislike one thing over another.
Claudia has bias for chocolate over all other candy.

chronological order
To arrange events in the order they occurred.
In chronological order, our class has computer lab on Monday, music on Tuesday, gym on Wednesday, library on Thursday, and art on Friday.

complete sentence
complete sentence includes at least a subject and a verb.
"Claudia ran." is a complete sentence.

context clues
Words, phrases or sentences around a new word that helps the reader make a logical guess about the meaning of the new word.
Use context clues to figure out what a new word means.

A word or phrase shortened by leaving out one or more letters or sounds.
"You'll" is the contraction of "you will."

compound word
compound word is made when two words are joined to form a new word.
The words "shoe" and "string" are joined to form the compound word "Shoestring."

The history of a persons life.
If you become famous, someone will write your biography.

To tell or write about something.
Please describe your backpack.

A sentence that makes a statement.
"The earth is round." is a declarative sentence.

A book of alphabetically listed words with their meanings and other information.
Students need a dictionary when they go to college.

A sudden, angry outcry; to cry out; shout; or speak suddenly in surprise, etc.
"Lillian, be quiet! shouted her mother is an exclamatory phrase.

Something that really happened; truth; actuality; things as they exist.
It is a fact that the moon revolves around the earth.

fairy tale
fairy tale is a type of short story with fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, dwarves, giants or gnomes, and usually magic or enchantments.
The story "Jack and the Beanstalk" is a fairy tale.

folk tale
A story or legend originating and traditional among a group of people (folk = people), especially one forming part of the spoken tradition of the everyday people.
The stories about Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are folk tales.

Asking a question.
"Do you like chocolate ice cream?" is an interrogative.

One meaning of "index" is an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc., together with page numbers where they can be found--usually placed at the end of a book.
In this book, the index says there is information about the moon on pages 31 and 73.

Education; teaching; lessons or a list of steps to be followed to complete an assignment.
(1) Every teacher at Rio Vista gives instructions to their students. (2) It is hard to use a TV remote without reading the instructions.

main characteristics
The most important things that identify a person, plant, object--or anything in the universe.
The main characteristics of most cars are four wheels, a body where the driver and passengers sit, a steering wheel, an engine, and headlights and taillights.

Books and stories which only include real people, animals, plants, science, events, etc.
A book about birds in Tucson is a nonfiction book.

main idea
The main idea of a passage or reading is the the most important thought or message. (In contrast to the term topic, which refers to the subject under discussion.)
The main idea of Mr. Taylor's instructions is that it is important to follow directions.

multi-meaning words
Words which have more than one meaning.
Multi-meaning words will have the different meanings listed and numbered (1, 2, 3, etc.) in the dictionary.

A person's belief based on what seems true, or probable; a person's judgment.
Many people have the opinion that French cooking is the best in the world.

A group of persons organized for some specific purpose, such as a club, business, team, etc.
The Rio Vista band is an organization of students with an interest in music.

personal narrative
A story that tells a story based on a personal experience of the writer.
Jasmine wrote a personal narrative about a trip to visit her grandmother.

More than one of something.
The plural of bone is bones.

The arrangement of the main events in a book, story, poem, or film, also known as the "story line."
The plot of most mysteries starts with a murder.

point of view
A way of viewing things; an attitude or the position from which something is observed or considered; a standpoint.
It is Mr. Taylor's point of view that students must be held responsible for completing their work.

The form of a word that shows ownership.
The possessive form of John is John's. For example, to say John owns the airplane, you would say "It is John's airplane."

In a sentence, the verb (action word) or the verb and words that describe the verb.
"Runs fast" is the predicate in the sentence "Magaly runs fast."

prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to change its meaning.
In the word "unhappy," "un-" is the prefix.

Prefixes are placed at the beginning of words to change their meanings.
The prefixes we will see often are "pre-" (before), "post-" (after), "un-" (opposite of), "anti-"(against), "hemi-" (half), "non-" (absence of), "out-" (exceeding), "trans-" (across), etc.
The sentence "John was unhappy in preschool" has two prefixes.

punctuation (commas)
Special marks in sentences or phrases that make the sentences or phrases easier to understand. Some common punctuation marks are: .  ,  '  ;  ?  !
The comma ( , ) tells where to pause or take a breath.
root word
A word that can start to build the meaning of many words.
"Corn" is the root word of : popcorn; cornflower; cornmeal; cornbread; and cornmeal: all the words mean something about corn.

run-on sentence
run-on sentence is a sentence in which two or more independent clauses (i.e., complete sentences) are joined without appropriate punctuation ( ; ) or a conjunction (and, for, nor, but, or, yet and so).
"Sydney and Sabrina were in the band Sydney played the saxophone Sabrina played percussion" is an example of  three run-on sentences.

The introduction is at the beginning of a story and it tells you what the main idea(s) will be; it lets you
"meet" the main idea.
An introduction to your teacher lets you meet.

In grammar, the form of a word that says there is only one of something.
In the sentence "There was only one Juliana in the class, but there were two Gabriels," Juliana is singular and Gabriels is plural.

The word "sign" has many meanings. Among them are: to write your name (signature); a symbol with a specific meaning ( $ meaning dollars); and hand gestures that give information (sign language).
When you vote in any election, you have to sign your name.
story elements (character, setting, plot)
The who, what, where and why--the parts that make up a story.
In Harry Potter, the main characters are Harry, Hermione, and Ron; the setting is Castle Hogwarts; and the plot is to learn to be wizards and keep Harry safe from Voldemort.

The way things are planned to happen in our lives, schools, or work.
Sometimes Mr. Taylor's class schedules a trip to the gem and mineral show in February.

The person, place or thing that does the action in a sentence.
In the sentence "Michael finished his report before lunch," "Michael" is the subject, and "finished" is the action (verb).

Letters or syllables added to the end of a word to change its meaning.
Suffixes such as "-ish" and "-er" can be added to the word "small" to change its meaning to smallish and smaller.

To state briefly; to shorten to its most important parts.
Mr. Taylor asked us to summarize the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone.

supporting details
They come after the topic sentence, making up the body of a paragraph. What do they do? They give details to develop and help the reader better understand the topic sentence (main idea).
If your topic sentence is "Harry Potter has a special wand," you could add supporting details about the wand, such as where he got it, what it's made of, and why it's a special wand.

Different words that have the same meaning.
Synonyms of "bend" are curve and twist.

verb (types and functions)
A word that in a sentence that  tells you the action (bring, read, walk, run, learn), or a state of being (be, exist, stand).
In the sentence "Anthony ran his race and is now standing next to the track," "ran" (the action) and "standing" (state of being) are both verbs.

Fourth Grade

A word that is made by putting together parts of other words.
The word "radar" is an acronym that was built from "radio detecting and ranging"
( "ra  + d  +  a  +  r" ).

A word or phrase that  modifies (describes) a noun .
The word "brilliant" is an adjective in the sentence "Yatzari is a brilliant student".  "Brilliant" describes the noun "student".

A word that Modifies (describes) a verb.
"Suddenly" is an adverb in the sentence "Anthony suddenly remembered his homework assignment".  "Suddenly" describes the verb "remembered."

A book that gives useful information about a particular subject;  sometimes published  in a month-by-month order.
For example, a gardening almanac might tell when to plant different flowers and vegetables.

A phrase or sentence that shows how different things may be alike in some ways.
"A human heart is like a pump" is an analogy.  The heart and pump are alike in one way:  they each pump something.

A book that is a collection of different writers' works (essays, stories,  poems, etc.).
"Mr. Taylor had so many interesting stories to tell.  One day he was going to publish his collection as 'An Artist's Anthology.' "

A word that has an opposite meaning.
An antonym of  "hot"  is  "cold";  an antonym of  "fast"  is  "slow".

A short, clear, wise statement that tells an opinion or a saying that many people believe is true.
An aphorism about a famous musician is the sentence "Irving Berlin has no place in American music - he IS American music."

audience (as listeners and readers)
A group of people that gather to see or hear a performance  -  when the performance is an "out-loud" reading, the performers are the readers and the audience are the listeners.
For example:  "Mr. Taylor and Maria were taking turns reading 'The Chamber of Secrets' to the class.  The audience was very quiet as the readers reached a scary part of the story."

author's purpose
The reason for writing  - to inform, to question, to entertain.
"Fernando worked hard on his first prompt.  His author's purpose was to entertain his readers with his funny story."

The story of someone's life, written by that person.
"Mr. Taylor had given the students their first assignment of the year:  a one-page autobiography."

A list of the books and materials consulted;  appearing at the end of the text. 
"Leslie was sure to include her bibliography at the end of her science report."

A booklet or pamphlet that describes a subject; often an advertisement.
"Mrs. Kuhn carefully read the brochure that announced the opening of the  University Science Fair."

A short description or title of an illustration in a text.
"Gloria had written the caption  ' What I Want to be When I Grow Up ' under her drawing of a jet pilot ."

A set of things that are grouped together because they have something in common.
"Eric had lots of homework to do.  Which category would he start with?  Reading, Writing, Science, Math ...? "

cause/effect characteristics
Cause is the action that makes something happen;  Effect is the something that happens.
"Sarah knocked over a glass of water onto her homework pages.  Knocking over the glass was the cause of soaking her homework.  Wet homework was the effect  of knocking over the glass."
The part that brings something to an end  OR
a decision that is made after looking at all the facts.
"Andrew thought the conclusion of ‘Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets‘ was really exciting!"
"After much thought, Anthony came to the conclusion that  the answer to  the long division problem  was '286'  "
A connecting word that links sentences or words ("and",  "or",  "if",  "but" ...).
"David and Jose wanted to talk to Gage or Sam before school, but the bus was late."
Conjunctions in this sentence were "and",  "or",  and "but".

An organized test among entrants to find out which is best at doing something.
"On Tuesday there was a contest between the two fourth grades to see which class was best at playing cricket."

A  talk with someone.
"Mrs. Kuhn would have a conversation with the "Wheels in Motion" people to learn whether their contest would come to Rio Vista this year."

A book of a person's daily happenings and thoughts.
"George Washington's diary was full of interesting things that happened before the United States became a nation."

double negatives
 Using two negative forms together in a phrase or sentence;  not good English.

"I won't never use double negatives when I write a story!"

Works written for performance on stage, television, or radio;  usually serious subjects and manner of performance.  Sometimes anything that is not a comedy is called a drama.
The book “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was dramatized into a movie.

drawing conclusions
Reaching a conclusion, or a final decision, about something. 
"After Mr. Taylor sees the results of the test, he will be drawing conclusions on  on the next homework assignment."

A reference book or set of books giving much information on all areas or specialized areas of knowledge.
"Jade, did you find 'Mount St. Helens' in the encyclopedia?"

A make-believe short story that teaches a moral, especially with animals as characters.
 In the fable “The Tales of Peter Rabbit“, a young rabbit has adventures and learns about the world.

A category of artistic works, based on form, style or subject matter.
For example, a detective novel is a genre of fiction.

index....Copied from 3rd and 5th

A word (or group of words) that names a person, place, or thing.
The sentence "Ellie quickly gathered up her books to fill her backpack ,"
contains three nouns.

making inferences
Reaching a conclusion or decision from facts and reasoning.
"Hector and Alexis were making inferences on the cost of their field trip by adding up their lunch expenses."

metaphor...Copied from 3rd and 5th

myth...Copied from 3rd and 5th

A rough plan of a written work or speech; a list of main points or features to be covered.
"Mr. Taylor's drew an outline of his chapter on the smart board."

possessive nouns
Persons, places, or things that show ownership.
In the sentence "Sally’s car is with yellow stripes,"  the possessive noun is  "Sally's" .

A relation or function word  that connects a noun or pronoun to another part of a sentence ( "in", "by", "for", to", etc.).
In the sentence "Steven hit the ball and ran for first base,"  the word "for" is a preposition that joins "first base" to the rest of the sentence.
A word that may be substituted for a noun ("I", "you", "them", "who", "ours", "he", "she", "anybody", etc.).
"Adriana has been working hard on long division, and it has been worth the effort because she scored high on her math test!"  The three pronouns in this sentence are "it",  "she",  and "her".

To check written work for errors and mark the changes to be made.
"Pedro just needed to proofread and correct his 'Read and Response' chapter, and he would be finished."

sentence fragment
Words that do not form a complete sentence of subject and verb.
"Mr. Taylor for the first time." is a sentence fragment because it has no verb.

simple predicate
The verb or action word of a sentence or phrase, without words that modify the verb.
"Ran" is the simple predicate of the sentence "Monique expertly ran the cotton candy booth for the Rio Vista's Fantasy Fair."

A figure of speech that compares two different things (often with "as" or "like") .
"Red as a beet" is a simile in the sentence "Tim's face was red as a beet."

simple subject
The subject of the verb of a sentence, without words that modify the subject.
In the sentence "The shiny spotted horse frisked around the pasture," the word "horse" is the simple subject.

A word that means the same, or almost the same, as another word.
The word "scholar"  is a synonym for "student".

tall tale
A story with characters or happenings that are exaggerated or made bigger than real life.
"Pecos Bill" is a tall tale of a cowboy who could  do unbelievable  things, like rope a tornado with his lariat.

thesaurus"...Copied from 3rd and 5th

title page (parts of)
A title page is a page at the beginning of a book that gives the book’s title, the author, and the publisher.
The title, “HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE”; the author, “J.K. ROWLING”; and the publisher, “Arthur A. Levine Books” all appear on the title page for the first Harry Potter book.

 verb tense
The form of a verb that shows not only the action, but when the action happens  (in the past, present, or future).
In the sentence “ Mr. Taylor’s class will leave for lunch in 15 minutes”, the verb tense is future;  In the sentence “The class is leaving now”, the verb tense is present In the sentence “The class left,”  the verb tense is past.

Fifth Grade Reading and Language Arts Academic Vocabulary
Common Core State Standards: Tier 3 Vocabulary

Repeating the same sounds at the beginning of words for two or more words in a row.
Many men may meet monthly.
Girls gladly go gliding.

caption (identify)
A title, short explanation, or description accompanying an drawing or a photograph, or words on the bottom of television or movie.
The caption under the picture read: "Mr. Taylor's 4th grade, 2011-12."

A form of an adjective or adverb which compares one thing to another.
He is taller than his father.
There is less water in Arizona than in Louisiana.

coordinating conjunctions
Coordinating conjunctions connect words, phrases, and clauses.
The bowl of cereal is hot and delicious. (The coordinating conjunction is "and.")

A passage, quotation, or segment taken from a longer work, such as a literary or musical composition, a document, or a film.
Mr. Taylor's Eclectic Spelling Book has excerpts from many books and poems.
Books and stories that come from the imagination of the writer.
Novels, short stories, detective mysteries and science fiction are fiction.

Foreshadowing is the use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in the story.
There are many examples of foreshadowing in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

A list at the back of a book that explains or defines difficult or unusual words and expressions used in the book
Nearly all the science books used at Rio Vista have a glossary in the back.

graphic organizer
A graphic organizer is a you can use to help you plan what you're going to write.
Mr. Taylor does everything he can to get students to organize their thoughts using a graphic organizerbefore they start a writing.

homonym (also called a homophone)
Words that are spelled and pronounced the same way, but have different meanings.
The metal lead and the verb lead are homonyms.

Extreme exaggeration or overstatement, especially in written work.
Adalberto used hyperbole when he told the class the fish he caught was big as a shark.

An accepted expression in a given language that is not grammatically standard or cannot be understood from the meanings of its individual constituents.
She heard is straight from the horse's mouth is an example of an idiom.

Words, exclamations or phrases inserted into a sentence, often expressing an emotion.

introductory paragraph
The first paragraph of an article or student writing should be attention grabbing and make the reader want to finish the article or story.
The introductory paragraph of an article on polar bears might get your attention by telling you that the estimated number of polar bears has grown from 5,000 to 25,000 between the 1950 and 2000.

Descriptive words applied to persons, groups or objects.
Rio Vista Elementary School includes two labels: Elementary School tells you the level of the school; and Rio Vista is the name of a particular school.

A publication, generally published on a regular schedule (weekly, twice-monthly, monthly, etc.)
Time is a news magazine that has been published weekly for about 80 years.

main point
The most important idea in a piece of writing. a speech or a lecture.
The main point in Mr. Taylor's lecture was that students will be held responsible for completing their assignments.

A moral is the lesson (don't steal, don't cheat, be nice, etc.) to be learned from a story or event.
One moral in the Aesop's fable of the Tortoise and the Hare is that "slow and steady wins the race."

A traditional story that tries to explain nature (origin of man, disease, volcanoes, storms, floods, etc.) in which the main characters are gods and heroes.
In one Greek myth Zeus, the most powerful god, was afraid his wife Metis would give birth to a god more powerful than he was, so he swallowed Metis.

main idea/stated and implied
The main idea is the most important point in a piece of writing or a lecture. The main idea can be clearly explained (i.e., stated), or hinted at (i.e., implied).
The main idea of Mr. Taylor's Reading Boot Camp is stated to be improving student reading abilities sothey can read to learn.

A metaphor is a figure of speech that uses an image or story represent an idea or quality.
Her eyes were glistening jewels is a metaphor.

A narrative is a story that describes a series of fictional or non-fictional events.
Yatzari's narrative of her experience on the roller coaster held our attention.

The character within a story who tells the story, or a person who tells the story to an audience.
Alivia was the narrator for the 4th grade class play.

Current events presented on TV, the internet, twitter, in newspapers or magazines, or shared by word of mouth.
More people get their news from TV and the internet than from newspapers.

A novel is a long, fictional story.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a novel.

A word that imitates the sound it describes.
Cuckoo, hiccup, zoom, bang, beep, splash and vroom are examples of onomatopoeia.

parts of speech
In grammar, categories of words.
Nouns and verbs are parts of speech.

Giving animals, objects or concepts human characteristics.
Cartoon animal characters who talk and act like humans are examples of personification.

Convincing yourself or another to adopt an idea, attitude, or action using logic.
Sydney tried to persuade Frida to join the Rio Vista band.

A process of guiding another person to adopt an idea, attitude, or action using logic.
Isaac tried using persuasion to get Hector to play soccer.

Purpose is a result, end, aim or goal of an action.
The purpose of flash cards is to learn words by reading them over and over.

The order of events in a story.
The plot of a novel or story deals with what happens to the main character.

point of view/perspective
Writer's (or your) view of the world consisting of opinions, beliefs and experiences.
It is Mr. Taylor's point of view/perspective that reading boot camp will improve your reading ability.

In a writing assignment, the subject you are told to write about.
"What I did during my summer vacation" used to be a common prompt the first day of a new school year.

punctuation marks (colon/semi-colon)
Colon is the punctuation mark (:) used before a long quotation, explanation, example, or list of items.
A semi-colon (;) is a punctuation mark used most often to separate closely related clauses in a sentence.
Mr. Taylor expects at least three things from his students: 1) their attention; 2) completion of assignments; and 3) respect for other members of the class.

reference source
A source of information, the most common of which are: a dictionary; an atlas; a thesaurus; the internet, etc.
One reference source for my science project was the Encyclopedia Americana.

reference book
A source of information in book form, such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas or thesaurus.
The best reference book for finding synonyms is the thesaurus.

To give information (usually written or spoken) about something (person, place, thing, theory, etc.) to other people.
Our science reports are due in the spring.

Resolution has many meanings, one of which is to set a personal goal.
Mr. Jones' New Year's resolution was to run a mile every day this year.

In education, a resource is something or someone that helps you learn.
The smart board is a resource that Mr. Taylor uses to get excited about learning.

root words ( as aids in determining meaning)
The basic word upon which other words are formed.
The meaning of new words can often be determined by identifying the root word
The root word of saddlery is saddle, so I can guess that saddlery has something to do with saddles.

A regularly occurring physical motion or patten of speech.
Many poems have an interesting rhythm.

A method of criticizing people in which you make fun of their bad habits, abuses and shortcomings--usually with the goal of shaming them into improving.
Punch was a famous British humor magazine which used a great deal of satire.

A simile is a figure of speech that directly compares two different things, usually by using the words "like," "as," or "than."
Cristian seemed to run as fast as a speeding bullet.

In a poem, a grouping of lines set off by a space.
Here are two stanzas of a poem:

Mary had a little lamb,
little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb,
whose fleece was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went,
Mary went, Mary went,
and everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb was sure to go.

To state briefly.
We summarize the main idea of each chapter in our writing journals.

A brief statement or account covering the main idea.
Each chapter summary in our writing journal must include at least five sentences.

Superior to or better than all others, of highest quality or supreme, usually a using a word ending in -est.
Mt. McKinley (Denali) is the highest mountain in North America.

A reference containing synonyms and antonyms.
The thesaurus says synonyms for small include petite, little , wee, tiny and teeny.

Article From Wiki

The Academic Word List (AWL) was developed by Averil Coxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The list contains 570 word families which were selected because they appear with great frequency in a broad range of academic texts. The list does not include words that are in the most frequent 2000 words of English (the General Service List), thus making it specific to academic contexts. The AWL was primarily made so that it could be used by teachers as part of a programme preparing learners for tertiary level study or used by students working alone to learn the words most needed to study at colleges and universities. The 570 words are divided into 10 sublists. The sublists are ordered such that the words in the first sublist are the most frequent words and those in the last sublist are the least frequent.

Academic Vocabulary Word List

Sublist 1
sector • available • financial • process • individual • specific • principle • estimate • variables • method • data • research • contract • environment • export • source • assessment • policy • identified • create • derived • factors • procedure • definition • assume • theory • benefit • evidence • established • authority • major • issues • labour • occur • economic • involved • percent • interpretation • consistent • income • structure • legal • concept • formula • section • required • constitutional • analysis • distribution • function • area • approach • role • legislation • indicate • response • period • context • significant • similar •

Sublist 2
community • resident • range • construction • strategies • elements • previous • conclusion • security • aspects • acquisition • features • text • commission • regulations • computer • items • consumer • achieve • final • positive • evaluation • assistance • normal • relevant • distinction • region • traditional • impact • consequences • chapter • equation • appropriate • resources • participation • survey • potential • cultural • transfer • select • credit • affect • categories • perceived • sought • focus • purchase • injury • site • journal • primary • complex • institute • investment • administration • maintenance • design • obtained • restricted • conduct •

Sublist 3
comments • convention • published • framework • implies • negative • dominant • illustrated • outcomes • constant • shift • deduction • ensure • specified • justification • funds • reliance • physical • partnership • location • link • coordination • alternative • initial • validity • task • techniques • excluded • consent • proportion • demonstrate • reaction • criteria • minorities • technology • philosophy • removed • sex • compensation • sequence • corresponding • maximum • circumstances • instance • considerable • sufficient • corporate • interaction • contribution • immigration • component • constraints • technical • emphasis • scheme • layer • volume • document • registered • core •

Sublist 4
overall • emerged • regime • implementation • project • hence • occupational • internal • goals • retained • sum • integration • mechanism • parallel • imposed • despite • job • parameters • approximate • label • concentration • principal • series • predicted • summary • attitudes • undertaken • cycle • communication • ethnic • hypothesis • professional • status • conference • attributed • annual • obvious • error • implications • apparent • commitment • subsequent • debate • dimensions • promote • statistics • option • domestic • output • access • code • investigation • phase • prior • granted • stress • civil • contrast • resolution • adequate •

Sublist 5
alter • stability • energy • aware • licence • enforcement • draft • styles • precise • medical • pursue • symbolic • marginal • capacity • generation • exposure • decline • academic • modified • external • psychology • fundamental • adjustment • ratio • whereas • enable • version • perspective • contact • network • facilitate • welfare • transition • amendment • logic • rejected • expansion • clause • prime • target • objective • sustainable • equivalent • liberal • notion • substitution • generated • trend • revenue • compounds • evolution • conflict • image • discretion • entities • orientation • consultation • mental • monitoring • challenge •
Sublist 6
intelligence • transformation • presumption • acknowledged • utility • furthermore • accurate • diversity • attached • recovery • assigned • tapes • motivation • bond • edition • nevertheless • transport • cited • fees • scope • enhanced • incorporated • instructions • subsidiary • input • abstract • ministry • capable • expert • preceding • display • incentive • inhibition • trace • ignored • incidence • estate • cooperative • revealed • index • lecture • discrimination • overseas • explicit • aggregate • gender • underlying • brief • domain • rational • minimum • interval • neutral • migration • flexibility • federal • author • initiatives • allocation • exceed •

Sublist 7
intervention • confirmed • definite • classical • chemical • voluntary • release • visible • finite • publication • channel • file • thesis • equipment • disposal • solely • deny • identical • submitted • grade • phenomenon • paradigm • ultimately • extract • survive • converted • transmission • global • inferred • guarantee • advocate • dynamic • simulation • topic • insert • reverse • decades • comprise • hierarchical • unique • comprehensive • couple • mode • differentiation • eliminate • priority • empirical • ideology • somewhat • aid • foundation • adults • adaptation • quotation • contrary • media • successive • innovation • prohibited • isolated •

Sublist 8
highlighted • eventually • inspection • termination • displacement • arbitrary • reinforced • denote • offset • exploitation • detected • abandon • random • revision • virtually • uniform • predominantly • thereby • implicit • tension • ambiguous • vehicle • clarity • conformity • contemporary • automatically • accumulation • appendix • widespread • infrastructure • deviation • fluctuations • restore • guidelines • commodity • minimises • practitioners • radical • plus • visual • chart • appreciation • prospect • dramatic • contradiction • currency • inevitably • complement • accompany • paragraph • induced • schedule • intensity • crucial • via • exhibit • bias • manipulation • theme • nuclear •

Sublist 9
bulk • behalf • unified • commenced • erosion • anticipated • minimal • ceases • vision • mutual • norms • intermediate • manual • supplementary • incompatible • concurrent • ethical • preliminary • integral • conversely • relaxed • confined • accommodation • temporary • distorted • passive • subordinate • analogous • military • scenario • revolution • diminished • coherence • suspended • mature • assurance • rigid • controversy • sphere • mediation • format • trigger • qualitative • portion • medium • coincide • violation • device • insights • refine • devoted • team • overlap • attained • restraints • inherent • route • protocol • founded • duration •

Sublist 10
whereby • inclination • encountered • convinced • assembly • albeit • enormous • reluctant • posed • persistent • undergo • notwithstanding • straightforward • panel • odd • intrinsic • compiled • adjacent • integrity • forthcoming • conceived • ongoing • so-called • likewise • nonetheless • levy • invoked • colleagues • depression • collapse •


non-fiction a type of literature that tells about real-life people, places, events, things, etc.
drama a play written to be performed by actors
myth a folktale (fictional story) about gods and goddesses (mythology)
tall tale an American hero folktale full of extreme exaggerations
fable a folktale, usually with talking animals, that always has a moral to it
main idea what a piece of writing is mainly about
summary gives the main idea and important details of a passage
theme a more generally stated topic concerning a passage's main ideas
genre a classification of literature, such as fiction, drama, poetry, etc.
fiction a type of literature that tells a made-up story
simile a comparison of two unlike things using the words "like" or "as"
analogy a comparison that shows a relationship between two things
metaphor a comparison of two unlike things not using the words "like" or "as"
paraphrase restating something using different words (rephrasing)
context clues words, phrases, or sentences that give meaning to unknown words
denotation the dictionary definition of the word- the literal meaning
connotation the extra sense that the word implies-pos. or neg. (cheap/inexpensive)
repetition creating a "special effect" by repeating a sound or word
suspense a feeling of uncertainty or dread about what will happen next
sarcasm an expression that is personal, jeering, and intended to hurt
oxymoron a seemingly contradictory combination of words (jumbo shrimp)
onomatopoeia a word or phrase that imitates the sound (whoosh)
plot the action of the story
resolution the final outcome of the story-or the solution of the problem
character a person or other creature in a story
setting the time and place of the story's events
climax the point of greatest interest or suspense in the story
conflict the main problem the character faces (with others, self, or nature)
personification gives animals or objects human qualities or characteristics
hyperbole the deliberate use of exaggeration
symbolism the use of one thing to stand for or represent another
imagery the use of vivid description to create a picture in the reader's mind
foreshadow gives clues that suggest what might happen in the future
flashback interrupting the story with events from the past
irony a statement meaning the opposite of what is literally stated
idiom a saying that can not be literally translated
allusion a reference to a well-known work of literature, art, music, etc.
audience the person or persons to whom the writing is addressed
author the person who wrote the story or passage
narrator the person who is telling the story
point of view the relationship of the narrator to the story (viewpoint)
1st person pov when a character in the story tells the story (using I, me, my, we, etc.)
3rd person pov when someone not in the story tells the story (like an invisible observer)
dialogue when the characters in a story speak (usually set off by quotation marks)
style/voice the way the author uses phrases and sentences to make his story distinctive
tone the author's attitude about his topic- can be positive, negative, or neutral
mood the feeling or atmosphere in the story set by the author
inference a guess based on a known fact, a conclusion
cause/effect a text structure exploring the reason something happened (cause) and the result (effect)
compare/contrast a text structure showing similarities (comparisons) and differences (contrasts)
problem/solution a text structure examining how conflicts or obstacles (problems) are overcome (resolved)
chronology a text structure presenting events in the order in which they occur (sequencing)
inductive a text structure that starts with specific ideas and works toward a general idea
deductive a text structure that starts with a general idea and works toward specific ideas
spatial order a text structure that shows where things are
categorization a text structure that puts things in categories
fact a statement that can be proved- or disproved
opinion a statement that can not be proven- someone's own belief
bias a strong prejudice for one side over another- favoring only one side
objective a work based on fact, having no bias or partiality
propaganda persuasion techniques
synonyms words that have similar meanings
antonyms words that have opposite meanings

resourceful using what is available
hostile hateful, unfriendly
occupation a job or career
enthusiasm to be excited about something
resembles to be like or similar to
accompany to go along with
infer to make a guess based on information given
lighthearted to be carefree and cheerful
insincere to not be honest when expressing a feeling
bewildered confused
abundant more than enough
curiosity wanting to know more
protest to disagree
sociable talkative and friendly
eerie spooky
ingenious to be clever and smart
determined to make a decision and stick with it
distressing great worry or anxiety
triumphant to achieve victory or success
awkward clumsy, difficult to manage
sympathetic to share the feelings of another
daring to be bold or have courage
efficient to complete a task in the best way with the least waste of time
feasible possible
intolerant not accepting differences in others
humiliated embarrassed
persistence to refuse to give up
cautious to be careful
stern very serious, not playing around
suspicious to be distrustful or uncertain
remote far away or distant
sentimental a tender emotion
confident self-assured
hasty quick
unusable not having any value
indifference not caring
generous giving to others
spontaneous doing something without planning in advance
impressive creating a strong effect
insecure unsure or unsteady
urgent needing immediate attention
effective to produce a desired or useful result
observant seeing things that others miss
humble to be modest, not bragging
prestigious highly thought of
hesitant to pause or wait
relies to depend on someone
discouraged ready to give up
suspenseful having uncertainty or excitement
defeated beaten or overcome
thrifty careful with spending money
doubtful to be unsure
dissatisfied not pleased
anticipation to look forward to something
humorous funny
unpredictable unknown in advance
compassion a deep caring for others
inspired to motivate someone to act or behave a certain way
conflict a struggle or opposition
astonishment sudden wonder or amazement
abundant more than enough
timid easily frightened, shy
urgency needing immediate attention
passionate having strong or deep feelings
confident self-assured, to believe in yourself
humiliated embarrassed
persuasive to talk somebody into something
somber very serious, gloomy
discouraged ready to give up
chronological to be done in the order that events occur
dramatic powerful or sensational effect
peculiar odd or unusual
flashback a scene in a book or movie showing earlier events
impatient unable to tolerate delays
effortless easy, not difficult
motivation a reason to achieve something
appreciation to be thankful
distressing great worry or anxiety
correspondence to communicate through writing
dedicated committed to doing a certain action
foreshadowing to give a hint of what might happen
hopelessness having no hope, feeling of impossibility
mysterious feeling of strangeness or wonder
inspiring making someone act in a certain way
distracted unable to concentrate or focus
accomplishment an achievement; to successfully complete something
enthusiasm to be excited about something
desperation in great need, about to give up
resolution in a story, the solution to a problem
spontaneous doing something without planning in advance
doubtful unsure
impressive creating a strong effect
exhibited to show something for others to see
generosity giving to others
convince to make someone believe as you do
capable having the ability to do certain tasks
assume to think something is true without actual proof
objection to be against a decision
tense nervous, jittery
stubborn refusing to give in or change
emphasize to give special attention to something
conflict the problem in a story
defiant to resist authority and rules
determination to make a decision and stick with it
intense something that is felt strongly, an extreme effort
theme the central idea or underlying message of a story
suspicious distrustful or uncertain
unity working together toward a common goal
hesitant to pause or wait
eerie spooky
defeated beaten or overcome
suspenseful uncertainty or excitement
deserving worthy of praise or reward
insincere not honest when expressing a feeling
betrayal to be false or disloyal to
encouraging to be supportive, to inspire
uncooperative not willing to work with or assist others
stern very serious, not playing around
persistent to refuse to give up
humorous funny
perplexed confused or puzzled
melancholy depressed or sad
nostalgic yearning for some past period
outraged having anger or resentment
sympathetic caring about others & their feelings
indifferent don't care about something
pessimistic always expecting the worst to happen; always looking for the bad in situations
optimistic always expecting the best to happen; looking for the good in situations
apathetic don't care about others or their feelings
sarcastic saying the opposite of what is true or cutting someone down
mellow carefree or calm
vindictive wanting revenge
light-hearted having no worries in life
solemn serious because of sadness or anger
homonym words that sound the same, but have different spellings and different meanings
main idea key idea
memoir ones personal experiences and observations
moral a lesson that is learned
multisyllabic more than one syllable
myth popular belief to explain a natural occurrence, or origins
summarize cover the main points briefly
syllogism a true conclusion IF the first two statements are true
thesaurus book of synonyms
topic sentence states the main point in a paragraph
Venn Diagram overlapping circles used to distinguish common elements
topic subject
autobiography written story of writer's own life
bibliography identification of writings, publications, or web sites
brochure pamphlet that contains descriptive information
caption explanation of a picture or illustration
characteristics distinguishing traits, qualities, or properties
conclusion last part or reasoned judgment
context setting; the parts of a text that surround a word and help a reader to understand its meaning
description mental image
diary daily record of ones activities, reflections, or feelings
drama contains action, conflict, emotion, and dialogue
fact and opinion distinguish between what can be proven and what is a viewpoint or judgment
excerpt/passage a small part of a larger text
fiction imagined story
foreshadowing clues before something happens
glossary collection of words and their meanings
graphic organizer visual representation to organize text
historical fiction fiction based on people or events in the past
guide word words at the top of a dictionary page to indicate the first and last words on the page
narrator person who tells the story and may or may not be in the story
persuade urge, convince, plead
purpose the goal to be met
problem and solution something that needs to be done, the actions taken, and the result
recipe set of instructions for cooking
reference materials texts containing facts and information
acronym a word formed from the first letter of others words
almanac yearly publication about weather and astronomy
anecdote a short story telling about a specific funny, interesting, or personal incident
anthology a collection of literature, music, poems, or art
aphorism an accepted truth or belief expressed in a memorable statement (ie. An apple a day keeps the doctor away)
argue to discuss and give reasons
archetype "the original" on which others are based
contradict to deny the truth or disagree
first person narrator refers to themselves as "I" in a story
omniscient all knowing, narrator, god-like
paradox true statement, but seems to be saying two opposite things
fallacy false or mistaken idea
second person when the text refers to the reader as "you"
sonnet 14 line poetic verse with a specific rhyme pattern, Shakespeare
stereotype false image or perception of an individual or group
supporting details text that gives evidence to the main idea or topic
symbolism when symbols represent ideas or words
third person when the text refers to "she, he, they" as told by someone else
viewpoint standpoint, from where things are viewed- 1st,3rd,etc.

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