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EIGHTH GRADE SPELLING WORDS: 8th grade spelling list


The Eighth Grade Spelling Words are an excerpt from my Eclectic Speller. The list is an edited version of the (Project Gutenberg) most common written English words from a 2005 analysis.

Mastering the 2000 most written words is imperative, students mastering the vocabulary will comprehend 90-95% of daily speech and 80-85% of school texts.

The list does not include the complete Academic Words by content area.

Yearly Vocabulary Goals for Reading Boot Camp

400 words mastered in 1st grade
800 words mastered in 2nd grade 1200 words learned
800 words mastered in 3rd grade 2000 words learned
800 words mastered in 4th grade 2800 words learned
800 words mastered in 5th grade 3600 words learned
800 words mastered in 6th grade 4400 word learned
800 words mastered in 7th grade 5200 words learned
800 words mastered in 8th grade 6000 words learned 

8th Grade Spelling Reading Vocabulary Words

mess monastery passive forcing prompted sweetly weaker fugitive infernal judgmental rapture flatter overthrow employer breeding growled traveling rascal vigorously phase classic writ gifted shawl immortality fireplace prairie punctuation corrected monotonous confided banner assuredly frail ecstasy bridges orator assumption nowadays bored enrichment chivalry pronounce binding provoked resign commissioners outrage benevolent consecrated menace choir pamphlet shift fragment fewer coachman parson civilization reconciled ascribed behavior embarked imported compose transaction neatly sexes stumbled frantic arbitrary organic font link

escaping villa rotten plea thrice terrific gratification tenant ascend perpetually hopefulness reporter deprive healing emergency injure realize obscurity ensuring industrious turf balcony confirm irony pledged offend attire gorge dagger longitude doubled parcel gilt unsolicited reasonably discern announce pluck burial attorney exporting bolt acceptable ruling cruelly supremacy sheriff disdain happiest irritation republican apron orthodox sinister hazard idol disguised illustrate vary luxurious esprit crosses gaily schooner alien variation waistcoat luminous nobler colonial devout meditation canon

grotesque skilled perplexity electricity dimensions rouse poisoned founder equipped tortured neutral tact steed inquiring infamous adore incessant odious notorious discouraged establishing sounding persuasion mentions manila secrecy populace shabby dialogue thickly precision eminence impose flaming reject estimation tough bridle politely butler bureau correctly beseech episode contradiction satire fascination reluctance redistribute reluctantly tutor accessed outdated consequential desiring resurrection transportation nursery emancipation depressed pasture damsel outfit valor

explanations superfluous soothing blanched drooping handling forcibly confidently cracked reduction truce inconvenience welsh sorely stead syllable dome penetrating aforesaid cordially coral hypothesis clumsy fragrance aversion iniquity moderation pilgrimage consternation gaiety senior abominable zealous mechanically robbery blushing exceptional masculine shilling intrigue grieve thickness thereupon trifles indication strand pillar treatise benevolence superficial productive relaxed pang stray armor vault stubborn yacht habitation unfit deposit deference intelligible relish

fairest traveled zone mustache adjacent transmit fixing tends involuntarily staid theological rustic detect frighten persistent harness strokes wooded extinct appoint ranges entreat violation mounting conductor objective anonymous hush cowardly daybreak tilde banker watchful ignored orchard municipal pirates achieve anticipation vitality confer rushes mischievous justification ale leisurely dreadfully potent recommendation flattery mining reconciliation enforce chef memorial improbable suppress proclaim extravagance starve flourish congratulate threaten chairman sundry ravine respectively scoundrel spur reckoning mineral curved turner dashing

comprehension terminated contemplate alternately Christendom expansion luster adieu brisk helmet restaurant  malicious simultaneously airy lastly remanded voluntarily abyss reconcile witty faction currency wan incessantly emotional lever radical delete marches nicely massacre mature posture imaginative incense needless remnant junction absurdity defensive violet futile baffled comprehensive interrupt cling suffrage thereafter dynasty mastery weird programer patronage awakening resource attach separately audible regulation suggestive traditional rhyme perchance politician values mightily

temporal eminently resolutely combine routine termination director architect procedure calculation imply muscular fertility reluctant discussions signify clasp beset brother-in-law merchandise miniature vexation chaos minority thereto veteran rogue inconsistent litter plateau precipice renowned judicious briskly paternal motto constrained publisher trench caste characterized creative thicket son-in-law ominous console beneficial insurance yearning frenzy acquisition involve advancement chevalier layer kettle indicates pastor pastoral discreet considers shriek basil defending groom register schedule silken

fondly protector renown rebuke intimately acknowledgment interpreter gab deity dispatch tariff outcome degradation surplus morbid preface affirm vividly inquisition secondly overboard proverb exert amendment helm deliberation apparition conjunction thirsty linger instruct statute dictated disadvantage deserving riot placid spirited solve oneself completion tending condemnation anecdote avenge rein conscientious outstretched improper epic valor dominant inadequate uproar wrung dialect rubbish wrecked twee disregard manual demonstrated gauche

heroine humane transition embassy fore concealment garb audacity sculpture woven combinations tempt cherish frock fabric brink outbreak rouge hull plentiful shiver laborious mound cowardice maritime gait formula mentioning accursed perceptible imminent testify adore influential advantageous maternal forbear indefinite denial oppressive souvenir pecuniary bustle aloof millennium curate mend ante strata collections delicately carpenter connection trot manifestation obstinacy contra rector discomfort mar subsistence bounty doubly consulting brood though quiver mentally despotism harmonious vale renounce

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