Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FIFTH GRADE SPELLING WORDS: 5th grade spelling list


The Fifth Grade Spelling Words are an excerpt from my Eclectic Speller. The list is an edited version of the (Project Gutenberg) most common written English words from a 2005 analysis

5th Grade Spelling Reading Vocabulary Words

Mastering the 2000 most written words is imperative, students mastering the vocabulary will comprehend 90-95% of daily speech and 80-85% of school texts.

The list does not include the complete Academic Words by content area.

Yearly Vocabulary Goals for Reading Boot Camp

400 words mastered in 1st grade
800 words mastered in 2nd grade 1200 words learned
800 words mastered in 3rd grade 2000 words learned
800 words mastered in 4th grade 2800 words learned
800 words mastered in 5th grade 3600 words learned
800 words mastered in 6th grade 4400 word learned
800 words mastered in 7th grade 5200 words learned
800 words mastered in 8th grade 6000 words learned 

disappointment indifference grain precisely enable create indicated root engagement specific graceful fed instruction gracious knocked behalf seas horizon dies student steep assume petite losing tradition harmony alteration finest platform roses mutual compressed opportunities propose day's ventured childhood correspondence exquisite twenty-five submit wire ridiculous reserve disclaimers motives greed reckon injury agony wearing tragedy helpless proposition girl's convey unconscious flood hospital talent criticism pretext orange model thunder proceedings wheel stupid pays yonder fires customs extensive swiftly saddle furnish satisfactory hostile clock daring gallant appointment inevitable president someone stout pleasing slip emotions jealousy flour citizen fancied

wages fastened stroke farmer culture reception inn visitor uncertain data disgrace spectacle curse plains rent monarch impressed sixteen scorn rolling roots tables concave funeral secretary mischief tour deceived pretended closer betrayed preparations confused romantic wedding accompany therein entertained messenger solution dollar longing shouldn't farewell knee jumped word-forms leisure originally pound paradise wilderness column assembly clothing deadly universe score weeping colonel covering fourteen hunger reminded daylight external feature sheet husband's stiff authors judges surrender silently occasional eastern federal translation repose arrangements reverence musical peaceful Shakespeare trembled dirty nest solitude

pressing gravely chin prey objection joke income wept wandered department counted calmly artillery attained conceive ruins confessed  promptly destined preparation illness wing yielded outward flashed conquered obeyed starting sore strangely beach providence hint dispute neglect convenient mild siege metal parish shell establish leaf welling jest leagues advised vulgar indirectly heartily mixture lion lightning tobacco plot trusted recalled roar nobles railroad fetch hut planted assurance tomb bitterly pendant alas trick wake gratefully prayed candle painting mist powder Asia bishop lessons nerves primitive erected perpetual experiment specified dangers modification poisoning streams flames climate

fortunes dig intend roused grandfather deserve sporting sunset others proceeding exclusion cunning confession chap pacific employ improvement paint mail dish certainly medicine esteem heels warriors lovers institution cares warmth merchants recognition alter beds cultivated drama vice affectionate quit climbed doorway effective damaged careless editor  prevailed easier tremendous deemed promises mot restless rises moderate steam arrange exempt meantime namely aged wrapped renewed shout garrison temporary pious undoubtedly Monday weapon pink wounds formidable shores straw statue chances saint obscure comparatively mirror desirable heap bin seize moonlight dine admire incomplete warned unlike protest representative commanding ashes

vital chapel searched agitation recover i.e. representation coal abide giant nay chiefs donation justified capture identify flushed reproach sadly rays restore inform dramatic acid  remedy contract parting nephew maybe summit commands fatigue judged trunk pretend hunt salvation basket puzzled pursue pole distinguish dried pile linen acknowledge upward invention arrest net struggling medical calculate craft petite garments openly luxury shield economics file-name hopeless earthly abode spell remainder rifle greatness bestowed prominent cheer neighborhood bloody machinery heavenly nonsense furious doubts saints expecting manifest humor wife's justly cheap govern ample canoe piano retire selfish coin stole landing

gladly letting prohibition motionless wash strict convention persuade healthy saving strictly  commons mate brass columns contented questioned curtain refer obviously professional products brother's combination injured discharge continent closing comrades ghost upright pack heroic stomach temperature attractive today picturesque shake purely embrace stately formats bushes timber glimpse reserved load limit grim innocence sailors incapable invisible center expectation wheels descent faded inquire fifth subsistence occupy leaped steamer major infantry cruelty enemy's impatience heir spared void riches loaded bedroom destiny disagreeable anguish proposal economy interval collection awakened unpleasant well-known secrets eldest faced folded plunged

vivid fragments premier array widest drops uneasy elegant bells rescue robe bench smoking modified witnesses youthful oak willingly concept lowest lent upstairs intentions philosopher insult string hesitation faults theirs uses joint happily purse ashore awoke subtle avoided naval interfere alliance brass submitted rebellion loyal fence crushed deer dined endless madam replace leather surrounding gown abandon favorable Japan miracle inspiration favorable temptation hereafter slope trifle illustrious chase expressions memories violently floating welfare declaration jewels sphere we've eminent painter tie wheat electric fishing mainly sickness weep clasped breathed park guessed preliminary download ward

shine wagon funny lady's rushing learn stretch imperial particulars consented lock translated anxiously sensitive wasted injustice punished courtesy lieutenant experiences dashed frontier anchor savages amiable temples amidst worry foul gallery exercised telephone cabinet prominently program immortal pockets encounter sunlight session sufferings seeming placing sublime doubted flowing formation steal crisis twenty-four convent lip suite twilight advise cell lean seal personally smiles halted hoping landscape murmur pan tempted conveyed border remembrance procure countrymen unity decent artificial speedily longed speeches commit

desirous traces wealthy knock guilt perish conversion boiling lunch torture conspicuous channel appetite costume affect engine bitterness header despite dismiss morality anyway mains glowing majesty's project inaccurate protested pine artistic greeted woe considerably apprehension meanwhile inclination harsh breathe glasses introduce copper significance boldly sermon curiously unworthy designs erect extend flies personality differences prudent amazement reform porter heed deserved rejoined nobility latitude milieu shooting peasant veins witnessed normal response legislation estates retain recommend resemblance  purity spoke encourage minor loudly induce thread infringement prejudice guards dislike

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