Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Best CCSS Reading Program!

The best reading program for at-risk, dyslexic, ELL,  or learning disabled students is Reading Boot Camp! Six years running, students make two years plus growth on reading exams (NWEA MAP) in just twenty days. A 95% passing rate on State Reading Exams 5 YEARS running! Reading Boot Camp is a free open source reading intervention program designed to turn around an entire school in just 20 days! Teaching every child in your school to read in twenty days is not only radical but saves thousands in program cost. Turning the reading establishment on its head and saving a lost generation is a radical idea. Spending education budgets on great literature for students, instead of reading software, basal readers, reading intervention programs, and teacher in-service training is a radical idea. Insuring that all students have a real future is just a pipe dream if we stay on this path of chasing reading rainbows. Teaching ten years in high-poverty schools, with over 85% of the students at risk, has taught me we have lost our way and the establishment is broken. We buy into every program that comes down the pike promising success, yet here we are failing our most needy students. Putting great literature, poetry, and books in children’s hands is the foundation of Reading Boot Camp, not predigested workbooks, endless teacher-made photo copies, and needless busy work. Reading Boot Camp is back to basics with a sledge hammer to the outsider. Students find it rewarding and fantastic!

96% Passing Rate on State Standardized READING Test 2011!

Reading Boot Camp is Now A Summer Reading Program!

Reading Boot Camp: "The Daily Schedule"

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