Friday, June 10, 2011

How To Raise Reading Test Scores Using Music and Rap

Raise Reading Test Scores Using Music and Rap! 

Music publishing companies are developing rap reading/vocabulary programs that are loved by students and teachers alike. Using music and rap as a teaching tool is easier today with YouTube and the internet. Teaching students challenging vocabulary is easy and fun with rap music.   

Music, Lyrics, Poetry, and Prose are all intertwined with ease when taught, and inspired using motivational music. 

     My class uses music, lyrics, and singing daily to teach reading and auditory processing (listening) skills. Singing and Learning songs, builds fluency, articulation, voice, memory, expression, word attack, cadence, rhyme, rhythm, tone, pitch, vocabulary, decoding, phonics, and FUN! Students are motivated, empowered, freed from traditional reading lessons, and intrinsically motivated when learning to sing a song. Learning to read is a very unforgiving process for many kids, learning a song gives them a great accomplishment in a very short time. Songs enrich and bring to life a students world in a way that is powerful! My students sing up to 8 times per day during the first few months of school. All you have to do is give students the lyrics and start the song, all else is built into the process. NO FANCY LESSON NEEDED JUST GREAT MUSIC AND LYRICS!

Flocabulary is one of the best music programs to teach reading and language arts vocabulary.

"Flocabulary is a small educational publishing company with a strong commitment to making a positive social impact. Since 2005, Flocabulary has been creating original hip-hop music and standards-based curricular materials to teach academic content for grades 3-12. Flocabulary programs are proven to increase student motivation and achievement and are currently being used in over 10,000 schools nationwide."

The Good Old Days of School House Rock 

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