Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Text to Speech apps

Using Text To Speech in the Classroom is Made Easy With New Apps!

Text to speech avatars may be the e-teachers of the future!

iPad, iPod, smart phones, and mobile devices are the future of e-learning and will be a powerful educational tool. Teachers now can easily develop apps. to help struggling readers learn to read. Imagine every students has a customized Avatar teaching and assessing learning minute by minute and adapting to meet every student's needs! Imagine iPad apps. teaching a billion people a new language. The future of e-learning will be a mobile device. The great news for teachers and students is these devices are getting cheaper, faster, and easier for teachers to develop rich learning content and lessons. You can create a free 30 second language arts lesson in less than a minute using Read The free software.

Example of 30 second fluency drill using Text to Speech software!

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Lesson One 
a · about · after · all · and · any · an · are · as · at been · before · be · but · by · can · could · did · down · do · first · for · from · good · great · had · has · have · her · he · him · his ·if · into · in · is · its · it · I · know · like · little · made · man · may · men · me 

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  1. I think that Text to Speech apps are nice...but I've yet to see a good Speech to Text app or program. Do you know of any good ones out there?


Thank you!