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Remedial Reading Passages

Free Remedial Reading Passages: First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade Reading Passages

200 Free Remedial Reading Lessons and Remedial Reading Passages !

Reading is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. Like all language, it is a complex interaction between the text and the reader which is shaped by the reader’s prior knowledge, experiences, attitude, and language community which is culturally and socially situated. The reading process requires continuous practices, development, and refinement. Wiki

Lesson 1.


Short Sound of A.

am cat gap ban cap
an bad bag can map
as mad gag fan nap
at pad hag pan rap
ax sad lag ran hap
rat gad tag tan jam
sat sap fag van ham

Short Sound of E.

bed den net sell tent
led ken pet nest rent
red men set zest sent
wed wen yet test went
beg jet pest felt vent
leg let fell rest pelt
hen met bell jest melt

Short Sound of I.

if rid him sin jig
it lid rim tin rig
is sip fix dig bib
bit tip six fig jib
hit nip din big rib
sit lip pin pig fib

Short Sound of O.

on cob nod box dot
ox job pod hop jot
got rob rod mop lot
cot sob log sop pot
jot cod hog pop rot
lot God dog top not

Short Sound of U.
up mud rum rut gush
us dug sum hung dust
cub mug bun bung must
hub pug dun lung rust
rub tug run sung gust
bud jug sun hulk drum

Lesson 3.


man lap pat tap had
fin get ten wet peg
fit dim mix hid his
hot rot fob dot con
rug hum fun hut cut

had fun hug gum flog
den fog dip nag dram
did tub fog bet help
sod hod gun pen lift
lad bet did cog rush

Lesson 4.

Long Sound of A.

date jade came cage bane
late fade dame page lace
mate rate same sage wake

Long Sound of E.

me we she heed weed
fee reef feed deed deep
feel leer meek keep peep
seek veer beef reel weep

Long Sound of I.

pile dike fire life bide
file like tire rife hide
mile pike sire wife ride

Long Sound of O.

code colt bone hope dote
node jolt cone pope note
bode molt hone rope vote
rove bolt tone cope hold
Long Sound of U.

lure cube mute lune huge
cure tube duke dune pule
pure lute jute use cue

Lesson 5.

Short Sounds of Vowels.

crab bled chip shot bump
grab fled ship blot lump
drab sled whip spot pump
slab sped slip plot jump
stab then drip trot hump
brag bent spit clog bulk
cram best crib frog just
clan hemp gift plod drug
clad vest king stop shut
dash west grit clod hush
Lesson 6.

Various Vowel Sounds.
bard deal tank dell ill
card veal rank tell bill
hard meal sank well fill
bark neat hank yell rill
dark heat dank belt hill

dint bang dime rave cull
hint fang lime gave dull
lint gang tine lave gull
mint hang fine pave hull
tint rang mine save mull
Lesson 7.

Long Sounds of Vowels.

blaze sneer drive globe dean
craze creed tribe drone bean
shape steep brine stone bead
state sleek spire probe beam
crape fleet bride shore lean
fume smite blame clear mope
plume spite flame drear mold
fluke quite slate blear tore
flume whine spade spear robe
dire spine prate smear poke

Lesson 8.

Various Sounds of Vowels.

clasp small cramp bring moan
grasp stall stamp cling coast
flask fall grand sling toast
graft wall stand swing roast
craft squall lamp thing roach
book boon stork wad pod
good spoon horse was rob
took bloom snort wash rock
foot broom short wast soft
hook stool north what lost

Lesson 9.

Long Sounds of Vowels under the Accent.

fa'tal le'gal lo'cal cu'bit
na'tal re'gal fo'cal du'el
pa'pal re'al vo'cal hu'man
pa'gan pe'nal o'ral u'nit
ba'by ta'per o'val du'ly
la'dy di'al to'tal fu'ry
la'zy tri'al bo'ny ju'ry
ma'zy fi'nal co'ny pu'ny
na'vy vi'tal go'ry pu'pil
ra'cy ri'val ro'sy hu'mid
vi'al po'sy tu'mid cra'zy

Lesson 10.

Short Sounds of Vowels under the Accent.

al'um el'der civ'il cul'prit
al'to hec'tic dit'ty clum'sy
can'ter helm'et gid'dy dul'cet
mar'ry fen'nel fil'ly fun'nel
ral'ly ken'nel sil'ly gul'ly
nap'kin bel'fry liv'id buck'et
hap'py ed'dy lim'it gus'set
pan'try en'try lim'ber sul'len
ram'mer en'vy riv'et sum'mon
mam'mon test'y lin'en hur'ry
tab'let self 'ish mil'let mul'let

Lesson 11.
Various Sounds of A.

care fast charm camp war
mare mast chart damp warp
share cask lard hand warm
spare mask arm land ward
snare past yard sand warn
game scar lake waft fray
lame spar dale raft play
name star gale chaff gray
fame garb cape aft stay
tame barb shame staff bray

Lesson 12.

Various Sounds of A.

dan'ger am'ber lard'er clat'ter
man'ger ban'ter mar'gin flat'ter
quak'er ban'ner ar'dent lat'ter
qua'ver hand'y ar'my mat'ter
dra'per man'na art'ist pat'ter
wa'ger can'cer har'vest tat'ter
fa'vor pan'der par'ty rag'ged
fla'vor tam'per tar'dy rack'et
sa'vor plan'et ar'dor van'ish
ma'jor ham'per car'pet gal'lant
ca'per stam'mer gar'ment pat'tern

Lesson 13.

Various Sounds of E.

sheep ce'dar bet'ter cler'gy
creep fe'ver fet'ter fer'vor
sleep tre'mor let'ter her'mit
sweep ge'nus en'ter mer'cy
speed se'cret ev'er ser'mon
breeze re'bus nev'er ser'pent
teeth se'quel sev'er mer'chant
sneeze se'quence dex'ter ver'bal
breed he'ro mem'ber ver'dict
bleed ze'ro plen'ty per'son
freed se'cant ven'om fer'ment

Lesson 14.

Various Sounds of I.

bird bri'er bib'ber thir'ty
birch ci'der bit'ter thirst'y
chirp mi'ser dif 'fer third'ly
flirt spi'der din'ner birch'en
girl vi'per frit'ter chirp'er
shirt cli'ent lit'ter girl'ish
squirm gi'ant riv'er gird'er
squirt i'tem shiv'er stir'less
third i'cy sil'ver first'ly
girt spi'ral in'ner birth'day
gird i'vy liv'er mirth'ful

Lesson 15.
Various Sounds of O.
bro'ker col'ic cor'net worst
clo'ver ton'ic cor'set come
drov'er top'ic or'gan love
gro'cer mor'al sor'did dove
o'ver com'ma tor'pid shoot
o'dor dog'ged form'al moon
so'lar doc'tor for'ty moose
po'lar cop'per lord'ly tooth
pok'er fod'der morn'ing gorge
home'ly fos'ter orb'it most
po'em pon'der mor'tal prop

Lesson 16.

Various Sounds of U.

hu'mor but'ter mur'der pru'dent
ju'ror mut'ter mur'mur fru'gal
tu'mor rud'der tur'ban tru'ly
stu'por shut'ter tur'nip tru'ant
tu'tor suf 'fer tur'key cru'et
cu'rate sup'per pur'port bru'in
lu'cid mum'my curl'y dru'id
stu'dent mus'ket fur'ry ru'in
stu'pid num'ber fur'nish ru'by
lu'nar nut'meg cur'vet bru'tal
tu'mult stut'ter bur'den gru'el

Lesson 17.

Various Sounds of the Vowels.

June furl husk from halt
dupe hurl musk pomp malt
tune turn rusk romp salt
flute churn stung long waltz
plume hurt pluck song swan
glue curl drunk strong wasp
droop deck chill for sheath
gloom neck drill corn shell
loop next quill fork short
hoof text skill form shout
roof desk spill sort shrub
proof nest frill torch shrug

Words Accented on the last Syllable.

a wake' be hest' be hind' re cede'
be came' be set' be side' con crete'
be have' ca det' be tide' com pete'
be take' de fend' de rive' se crete'
e late' de pend' re cite' con cede'
per vade' re pel' re tire' con vene'
for sake' at tend' re vile' im pede'
a bate' con sent' re mise' re plete'
cre ate' im pend' re vive' un seen'
es tate' im pel' con nive' su preme'
re late' com pel' ex cite' re lease'

Lesson 19.
be rate' a bode' ex pire' a cute'
a pace' a lone' con fide' a buse'
re bate' a tone' con fine' con fuse'
de bate' af ford' con spire' de duce'
de face' ca jole' po lite' de lude'
de fame' de pose' re cline' ma ture'
se date' com pose' re fine' pol lute'
col late' en force' re pine' pro cure'
re gale' en robe' re quire' re buke'
em pale' ex plore' re spire' re duce'
en gage' ex pose' u nite' se clude'
en rage' im port' en twine' se cure'

Lesson 20.
blade plash bream dress twine
glade clash cream swim blind
grade crash dream spend grind
shade smash gleam speck spike
trade trash steam fresh smile
skate slash stream whelp while
brisk drove blush cheap carve
quilt grove flush peach farce
filth stove slush teach parse
pinch clove brush reach barge
flinch smote crush bleach large
mince store thrush glean snarl

Lesson 21.
ab'bey rec'ord pit'y col'ter
ab'bot check'er dis'tant fo'cus
atom ed'it din'gy glo'ry
ash'es lev'el diz'zy lo'cust
cap'tor meth'od fin'ish mo'ment
car'rot splen'did gim'let po'tent
cav'il ves'per spir'it co'gent
chap'ter west'ern tim'id do'tage
chat'tel bed'lam pig'gin no'ted
fath'om des'pot tin'sel stor'age
gal'lon ren'der tip'pet sto'ry
gal'lop tem'pest wit'ness pro'test

Lesson 22.

shake chose march pine oil
snake prose parch wild moil
baste those starch mild coil
haste froze larch tile foil
taste force lark slide soil
paste porch stark glide toil
bunch broth prism spent boy
hunch cloth sixth fence coy
lunch froth stint hence hoy
punch moth smith pence joy
plump botch whist thence toy
stump stock midst whence cloy

Lesson 23.

Monosyllables miscellaneously arranged.

free clip shelf quest shine
spin hate chide flax wore
shad tape fringe still think
band race clock trim marsh
pack mire cheek door booth
bath kite full clung wince
dock bank frock loft spray
gold fell troop pulp join
pipe pink glass grape frizz
club hilt lurk pose brow
shop last cloud zest grace

Lesson 24.

Words in which the final e is silent.

ca'ble nee'dle rab'ble bub'ble
fa'ble Bi'ble sam'ple bun'dle
ga'ble ti'tle sim'ple crum'ble
sa'ble ri'fle tem'ple muf 'fle
sta'ble no'ble dim'ple muz'zle
cra'dle fick'le fid'dle pud'dle
la'dle am'ple kin'dle ruf 'fle
ma'ple ap'ple lit'tle tum'ble
sta'ple baffle bot'tle pur'ple
bee'tle bat'tle cob'ble cir'cle
fee'ble cat'tle fond'le sad'dle

Lesson 25.

an'gel ab'sent bish'op blun'der
ba'sis ac'rid big'ot blus'ter
ca'ter blank'et bil'let cus'tom
fla'grant clas'sic blis'ter cut'ler
fra'grant crag'gy cin'der cut'ter
has'ty dam'sel crick'et sum'mer
ha'tred dan'dy fif 'ty sun'der
la'bel fab'ric fil'let shud'der
pa'tent fam'ish lim'pid thun'der
sa'cred fran'tic pil'fer tum'bler
state'ment lath'er pil'lar ul'cer
va'cate lav'ish print'er un'der

Lesson 27.
Sounds of ai, ou, ow, and ea,

paid bound cow cheat head
grain found how treat dead
staid ground town beast stead
waif hound growl bleat tread
rail mound clown preach dread
flail pound frown speak thread
quail round crown streak sweat
snail sound drown feast death
Lesson 28.

Dissyllables with short Sounds of Vowels.

ad'age fren'zy bick'er blos'som
bal'last emp'ty crit'ic cot'ton
bant'ling gen'try dig'it com'ic
can'to mer'it flim'sy drop'sy
ras'cal men'tal flip'pant flor'id
las'so sher'iff frig'id frol'ic
an'tic ten'dril in'fant gos'pel
sad'ness vel'lum in'gress gos'sip
sal'ver vel'vet in'mate hor'rid
sand'y nec'tar in'quest jol'ly
mag'got ves'try in'sect rock'et

Lesson 29.

Trisyllables with short Sounds of the Vowels.

bal'co ny del'i cate lib'er ate
bar'o ny des'o late lim'i tate
cav'i ty der'o gate im'mo late
fac'ul ty dev'as tate in'di cate
grav'i ty em'u late in'ti mate
mal'a dy hes'i tate in'du rate
van'i ty med'i tate in'vo cate
am'pu tate pet'ri fy ir'ri tate
ab'so lute plen'i tude lit'i gate
al'ti tude rec'ti tude mil'i tate
am'bu lance res'o lute stip'u late

Lesson 30.

Miscellaneous Sounds.

prime swine straw crawl
brawn snore gloss flank
brick charge crow quench
green tinge shark Scotch
chest goose brand thrift
space prow twist flange
crank wealth slice twain
limp screw throb thrice
chess flake soon flesh
finch flash flaw twelve
flung clean loaf scale

Lesson 31.

Long Sounds of I and U, and short
Sounds of E and I.

a bide' ac cuse' con tend' ad mit'
a like' im pure' con tent' ad dict'
a live' im pute' in tend' as sist'
a rise' as sume' in tent' com mit'
de cide' com mute' dis sect' con sist'
de file' com mune' de ject' de pict'
de fine' com pute' de test' dis till'
de ride' con clude' de tect' emit'
de sire' con fute' in spect' en list'
di vide' dis pute' ob ject' en rich'
di vine' en dure' re spect' for bid'

Lesson 32.

Silent Letters.

B is silent after m and before t, and p is silent before s.

The silent letters are canceled in this lesson, as they are throughout the book.

lamb numb debt debt'or
comb bomb doubt doubt'ful
tomb crumb psalm sub'tle
dumb thumb pshaw psal'ter

Sight Word Practice
PRESCHOOL: a, and, away, big, blue, can, come, down, find, for, funny, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one, play, red, run, said, see, the, three, to, two, up, we, where, yellow, you

KINDERGARTEN: all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes

1st Grade: after, again, an, any, as, ask, by, could, every, fly, from, give, giving, had, has, her, him, his, how, just, know, let, live, may, of, old, once, open, over, put, round, some, stop, take, thank, them, then, think, walk, were, when

2nd Grade: always, around, because, been, before, best, both, buy, call, cold, does, don't, fast, first, five, found, gave, goes, green, its, made, many, off, or, pull, read, right, sing, sit, sleep, tell, their, these, those, upon, us, use, very, wash, which, why, wish, work, would, write, your

A for the APPLE or Alphabet pie, which 
all get a slice of. Come taste it & try. 

B is the BABY who gave Mr. Bunting
full many a long day's rabbit skin hunting.

C for the CAT that played on the fiddle
when cows jumped higher than 'Heigh Diddle Diddle!' 

D for the DAME with her pig at the stile,
'Tis said they got over, but not yet a while. 

E for the Englishman, ready to make fast
the giant who wanted to have him for breakfast. 

F for the Frog in the story you know,
begun with a wooing but ending in woe. 

G for Goosey Gander who wandered upstairs,
and met the old man who objected to prayers.
H for poor Humpty who after his fall,
felt obliged to resign his seat on the wall.

I for the Inn where they wouldn't give beer,
to one with too much and no money, I fear. 

J does for poor Jack and also for Jill,
who had so disastrous a tumble down hill. 

K for calm Kitty, at dinner who sat, 
while all the good folks watched the dog & the cat. 

L for Little man, gun and bullets complete,
who shot the poor duck and was proud of the feat. 

M for Miss Muffet, with that horrid spider, 
just dropped into tea and a chat beside her. 

N for the Numerous children, they who were 
often too much for their mother in Shoe. 

O the Old person that cobwebs did spy, 
and went up to sweep 'em Oh ever so high! 

P for the Pie made of blackbirds to sing,
a song fit for supper, a dish for a king. 

Q for Queen Anne who sat in the sun till she,
more than the lily resembled the bun. 

R stands for Richard & Robert, those men
who didn't get up one fine morning till ten! 

S for the Snail that showed wonderful fight,
putting no less than twenty-four tailors to flight! 

T stands for Tom, the son of the piper,
may his principles change as his years grow riper. 

U for the Unicorn, keeping his eye on the
coveted crown, and its counsel the Lion. 

V is for Victuals, including the drink,
the old woman lived on surprising to think! 

W for the WOMAN who not over nice, made 
very short work of the three blind mice. 

X is the X that is found upon buns, which
daughters not liking may come in for sons. 

Y for Yankee Doodle of ancient renown, 
both he & his pony that took him to town. 

Z for the Zany who looked like a fool, for when
he was young he neglected his school.

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