Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teachers Cheating on State Tests?

Students and Teachers Cheating on State Exams! 

Students cheating on state test, teachers and administrators erasing answer to help students pass state test is more prevalent.Why, because of NCLB mandates? We base our school ratings, teacher performance, and student performance based on test scores so we have a big incentive to manipulate the data! 

Do teachers and administrators really need to cheat or errase test answers to get ahead?  

I have been accused of cheating or helping my students cheat on state exams. This is in part perception, my students show great success in all academic areas and record numbers are passing State Reading and Math Exams! 6 years, all students passing at 95% on State Reading Exams and 85% on Math Exams! All students meaning ESL, Special education, new to the school and or district, all in a Title I school with 90% free an reduced lunch! Some classes in the same school have a 33% passing rate. 

What is the difference? I'm dyslexic and refuse to let kids pass through my class without learning to read!

I took drastic measure six years ago to stop all the failure, and decided to teach nothing but reading the first 20 days of school.75% of my class yearly was coming to me below grade level in reading and that made me sick. I teach everyone to read now, and I am accused of teaching to the test! :( I teach kids how to read and reason! I have documented the methods and data using a blog to dispel the naysayers.

Their is never any reason to cheat, kids are amazing and will meet any challenge that you give them!

Sean Taylor M.Ed.

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