Monday, May 14, 2012

Basal Readers | Common Core Standards

Basal Readers that meet the Common Core State Standards?
The failure of basal readers to meet the new Common Core Standards needs to be solved in the next two years! Basal readers are used in 75% of US public schools; basal readers by design are the bottom level or the minimum standards in reading. They are not designed to stretch reader’s vocabulary or reading skills past the minimum set by the publishers. The Common Core reading standards are about two years above most published basal readers! Publishers would love if all schools ordered a new set of Common Core Basil readers! What to do? My suggestion or solution, that may sound odd, is take grade level basal readers and pass them to the grades below or even two grades below. My next suggestions is stop using basal readers and use REAL books! That may seem bizarre but finding literature that meets the higher Lexile has to come from somewhere! States are balancing budgets on the backs of public schools and universities, the dollars are not available to renew libraries stacks and get millions of new basal readers that will meet the Common Core.

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