Sunday, May 13, 2012

JP Morgan Chase $2 Billion Loss

JP Morgan Chase $2 Billion Loss | JP Morgan Chase Wall Street Executives Step Down 

JP Morgan Chase and the Wall Street banks are back at the game,  risky investments schemes, cooking the books, and creating nothing! Working class Americans that built this country will have to bail them out and take another hit! When is it time to stop giving millions in bonuses to the Wall Street bankers that nearly caused the second Great Depression. These guys keep getting a pass, WHY? We need to put a leash on these guys and regulate them once and for all, plus we need to tax the h#1l out of them. We need to put them behind bars, or send then into exile and see if they can make billions while they live in poverty. 
    We will see Wall Street win yet again, and politicians buckle under the monied Wall Street Lobbyist. 
    The Wall Street reform act Dodd Frank is DOA, or will have no teeth by the time the lobbyist and politicians turn it into more corporate welfare.  America and the world needs financial help to pay for the mess Wall Street caused and keeps causing! 
    Life is great if your a millionaire or billionaire you get all the perks and no risk! Working class people around the world get the shaft, austerity, unemployment, stagnant wages, and Millionaires and Billionaires get the win. We will find ourselves living through the next Great Depression if we sit back and let this go on and on.

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