Thursday, May 10, 2012

RTI Response to Intervention, RtI Interventions

RTI academic interventions, RtI student assessments, Response to intervention (abbreviated RTI or RtI) are a method of identifying at-risk students and providing academic intervention. Response to intervention is used in many schools to provide early screening of students with learning difficulties, corrective or remedial interventions to children who are having difficulty learning. RTI provides student academic data to help screen for problems and prevent academic failure through early identification of students that are at risk. RTI provides continuous progress monitoring and targets students that are failing or at risk of failing. RTI academic interventions are rigorous intensive best practice instructional interventions for children who continue to make adequate academic gains.Wiki

Critical Academic Areas to Target: 

Reading and English Language Arts
Students will increase reading fluency
Students will increase knowledge of tier 2 and tier 3 academic vocabulary
Students will increase sustained time on task (reading/decoding endurance)
Students will increase math fluency
Students will increase knowledge of tier 3 academic math vocabulary

Why select Reading Boot?

Students that are failing to read or struggle to read start shutting down and dropping out of school mentally as early as 1st grade. Reading Boot Camp shakes things up in a fast paced novel way, and is designed to replace bad academic habits with superlative academic habits. The intense and rigorous nature of the program forces change in destructive academic habits in a fun and unique way.

RBC is great at changing student’s habits and futures!

  • Creating exemplary work ethic
  • Thriving academically
  • Participating actively and engaged in the learning
  • Attaining challenging goals with precise effort and practice
  • Taking responsibility for ones own learning
  • Having fun pushing through academic challenges

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