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RtI Reading Intervention Programs, Free RTI Interventions

RtI Reading Interventions for Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, Free RTI Reading Interventions that get Quick Results! Use the free RTI programs below as part of your RTI reading assessment and interventionist program to help your students pass state standardized Reading and English Language Arts test. 
Response to intervention (abbreviated RTI or RtI) are a method of identifying at-risk students and providing academic intervention. Response to intervention is used in many schools to provide early screening of students with learning difficulties, corrective or remedial interventions to children who are having difficulty learning. RTI provides student academic data to help screen for problems and prevent academic failure through early identification of students that are at risk. RTI provides continuous progress monitoring and targets students that are failing or at risk of failing. RTI academic interventions are rigorous intensive best practice instructional interventions for children who continue to make adequate academic gains.
Critical Academic Areas to Target: 

Reading and English Language Arts
Students will increase reading fluency
Students will increase knowledge of tier 2 and tier 3 academic vocabulary
Students will increase sustained time on task (reading/decoding endurance)
Students will increase math fluency
Students will increase knowledge of tier 3 academic math vocabulary

Super Duper Readers Club!

Building a Super Duper Readers Program at Your School!
Super Duper Readers is a fun, fast and free RTI reading intervention that is fun for kids and improves reading fluency and academic vocabulary knowledge. Each month intermediate students administer a quick fluency drill and a vocabulary quiz school wide to monitor student reading fluency and overall class ranking each month. Winning grade level classrooms with the highest average win the traveling Super Duper Readers trophy and get bragging rights for that month. Students that achieve Super Duper Readers get their name on the Super Readers wall of fame and get an award.  
Fluency drills are administered school-wide once a month by trained students and staff. The idea is to make a quick assessment of the entire school using intermediate students as proctors. The student proctors assess words correct per minute and vocabulary comprehension only. Students calculate fluency rate and grade the 10 question matching vocabulary test and calculate the students’ progress WCPM rate and give each students a mini report card and encouragement. Class wide data is calculated and give to the teachers.

Students must demonstrate 100% proficiency in reading fluency and tier 2 and 3 academic vocabulary knowledge to become a Super Duper Reader. Students will take the fluency test and vocabulary test during the same testing session. 5-10 minutes is given for the matching quiz depending on grade level. The vocabulary quiz is 5-25 tier 2 and tier 3 academic vocabulary matching questions. The students must respond correctly to 100% of the questions, in first and second grade they are given orally by the student proctors and in the upper grades student marks their own quiz. Students can make no more than 3 errors on fluency drill to become a Grade Level Super Duper Reader!
Supper Duper Readers Bench Marks Goals! 

1st            80 WCPM
2nd          120 WCPM
3rd           140 WCPM
4th           160 WCPM
5th           180 WCPM
6th           190 WCPM
7th           200 WCPM
8th           210 WCPM

1st            5  Vocab. Questions 100%
2nd          10 Vocab. Questions 100%
3rd           15 Vocab. Questions 100%
4th           20 Vocab. Questions 100%
5th           20 Vocab. Questions 100%
6th            25 Vocab. Questions 100%
7th           25 Vocab. Questions 100%
8th           30 Vocab. Questions 100%

Sample 1st Grade Fluency Drill and Vocabulary Test

Fluency Drill 1st Grade
The sun is up. The man has fed the black hen and the fat duck. Now the duck will swim in the pond. The hen has run to her nest. Let us not stop at the pond now, for it is hot. See how still it is! We will go to see Tom and his top. 52

O John! the sun has just set. It is not hot, now.
Let us run and jump. I think it is fun to run, and skip, and jump. See the duck on the pond! Her nest is up on the bank, under the rock. We must not touch the nest, but we may look at it. 109

The sun has set, and the pond is still.
John, Ned, Ben, Tom, and Nell stand on the bank, and look at the duck.
The dog with a black spot on his back, is with Tom. See! Tom has his hat in his hand. He has left his big top on the box. Kitty's doll is on the rock. Nell has put her pet in the cage. It will sing a sweet song. The duck has her nest under the rock. 191

It is not hot now. Let us run, and skip, and jump on the bank. Do you not
think it is fun? 214

Super Duper Readers Club 1st Grade

Instructions: Write the correct word in the space before its definition. There may be more than one definition for each word.

article  author  contraction  genre  narrator  plot  prefix  setting summary theme 

the story line or order of events in a book, play, or movie.
a short form of two words, where the missing letters are replaced by an apostrophe. "I'm" is the __________ of "I am."
a piece of writing in a newspaper, magazine, or book.
the time and place in which something happens.
a particular type, sort, or category of writing.
the main subject or main idea in writing.
a short and usually comprehensive statement of what has been previously stated.
a part of a word with its own meaning that is added to the beginning of another word to change the meaning. For example, "pre" in "prepay" is a __________ that means "before."
a person who writes books, stories, plays, or other works.
a person or character who tells a story.

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