Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free English Bell Ringer Activities

Middle and High School Bell Ringer Exercise and Activities

Use the free Middle and High School Bell Ringer Exercise and Activities to build academic background knowledge in a fun way. Start by placing a (Interactive Whiteboard Slide) bell ringer activity on your whiteboard and discuss how your students' can analyze the CCSS ELA terms and complete the bell ringer activities. The CCSS English bell ringer exercises are a short English Language Arts activity or lesson that can be completed while the teacher takes attendance, grades English papers, collect homework, or other small chores. The ELA English bell ringer activities should be read and comments made but should not get a grade. These free English bellringer activities should help your students gain a deeper understanding of critical academic concepts. your students’ classroom knowledge as well as personal feelings, attitudes, and beliefs.

The videos below are a novel way for presenting your morning bell ringer activities!

These whiteboard slides are part 1 of a two part set of English Bell Ringer Activities for Middle and High School Reading, Writing and AP English Classes.

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