Monday, July 21, 2014

Ten Problems with the Common Core Standards

The Top Ten Problems with Implementing the Common Core Standards

Top ten problems, I see with implementing Common Core! Sean Taylor
  1. No buy in from teachers, students and parents, the Common Core standards were written, enacted, approved and adopted without the nations input! 
  2. The people behind the Common Core are not looking out for our students needs! 
  3. Common Core is about profits, ranking schools via more testing, disenfranchising the poor, blaming or shaming public schools and teachers, not higher standards! 
  4. Special Education students and high poverty students are abandoned by Common Core! How many classroom special education teachers helped develop the CCSS Standards? Zero? 
  5. Common core is fazing out almost all narrative literature by High School! Goodby to liberal arts education! 
  6. The implementation of the Common Core is costly and unnecessary! 
  7. Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan and fatcat publishers and testing companies like Common Core! 
  8. NCLB was a wake up call that this nation can't and couldn't test itself out of inequality and poverty, and a tougher set of standards and harder test will not fix either!
  9. Children are not standardized and they have a right to an education, not more corporate and political experimentations. 
  10. I hate factory curriculum and loth summative test! 

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