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Story Starter Questions | Story Starter Ideas

Story Starter Ideas! Story Starter Questions? | CCSS ELA Response to Literature Extended Response!

Free story starter questions, creative writing story starter ideas, and writing prompts. Start the class with these story starters questions and see where your students creative thinking, imagination, takes you!

501 Writing Prompts and Story Starters! 

Socratic Question of the Week! Students can work in cooperative or Socratic seminar groups to discuss and analyze the questions and student responses, students can share insights, epiphanies, catharsis, or a anagnorisis. Students can participate and practice their Socratic seminar skills with a Moral Question, Deep Philosophical Question or a School and Family Question (Building Social Emotional Intelligence) for a bell-ringer.

Home Life and School Life Questions!
  • What advice would you give your teachers about teaching, and your favorite ways of learning? Why? 
  • Do you always, yes always live by the Golden Rule? Why or why not!
  • What do you do when someone is angry or disappointed in your actions? Why? 
  • What was your happiest or saddest moment in school? Why? 
  • Who do you respect and what are the traits that make you respect them? Why? 
  • If you could change anyone thing in school what would it be and why! 
  • What one thing would you change about your life? Why? 
  • How would your parents or best friends describe your nature or character? Why? 
  • Why is showing anger or disrespect in the classroom good or bad? Why?
  • If students are misbehaving in class what might be the cause and a possible peer solution?
  • Is it Okay to lie to someone to keep from hurting their feelings? 
  • If you have a hard time learning something what are your favorite strategies to learn? 
  • When teachers and parents say you must get a college education to be successful, are they telling the truth? Why? 
  • What is an education and why is it so important to adults? Why? 
  • What are your dreams for your future, what are your parents dreams for you? Why? 
  • If you see a fellow student struggling with a task or needs help, what would you do? Why? 
  • Do you have any favorite stories about your learning? Why? 
  • What were the hardest moments you had when you learned a new subject in school? 
  • What traits do you like in a best friend? Why? 
  • What would you do if you teacher asked to deliver expensive candy to other teachers, but your best friend says they want one?
  • What does honor and integrity mean? Why?
  • If you see someone break a rule what is the right thing to do?
  • What is the most common thought that pops into your head when your bored? 

Moral questions!
  • How can the richest country in the world eliminate poverty and homelessness? 
  • Should the rich people have more than poor people. Why or why not? 
  • If you were President what is the first law you would propose? Why? 
  • Why do kids let other kids get bullied?
  • Why do kids ignore lonely kids at recces or lunch?
  • Is it okay to steal if no one sees you or catches you? Why?
  • If you are starving and have nothing to eat is it okay to steal? 
  • Is it ever okay to lie? Why? 
  • Is it ever okay to copy someone elses work in class? Why?  
Science questions! 
  • What superpower would you like to have and what laws of physics would it break? 
  • If you could travel through time where would you go? Why? 
  • The Sun shining on the Earth for one minute is equal to 20,000 times the power we produce using all sources,   including fossil fuels, how would the world change if we used all that solar energy?
  • Do Extraterrestrials exist on Earth or in our vast Universe? Why? 
  • The deeper you dig towards the center of the Earth the hotter and heavier things get, Why?
  • The sky is blue because of the gas nitrogen, on Mars the sky is red, Why? 
Deep Philosophical Questions!
  • What is Happiness? Why? 
  • What do you do if your mind tells you something is impossible to do?
  • Can you have truth without evidence? Why 
  • What is respect and honor? Why
  • What is your purpose in life? Why?
  • Where do dreams come from and what do they tell us? Why 
  • Where and when people were born is more important than ...? Why?
  • What will people say at the end of your life? Why? 
  • What is an education and why is it so important to most adults? Why? 
  • Is it easier to love someone or be loved by someone? Why? 
  • What is love, and is it more important than wealth? Why?  
  • Why do people do things that are harmful to their health?
  • Why do people hate others that have different beliefs or values? Why?  
  • What makes you, you? Why are you special, strange, funny, fearless, scared, happy, depressed, optimistic, unique....? 

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