Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Morning Meeting Ideas & Samples

Morning Meeting Message Ideas & Samples | CCSS ELA Morning Meeting Ideas

Morning meetings are a Great Place to share and discuss deep questions, classroom routines, build social emotional intelligence, model classroom rules, share student birthdays, learning objectives, daily hot questions, cooperative learning structures, and important academic content that is spiraled and front loaded! Morning meetings create a caring welcome that sets the tables for a warm inviting learning environment.

Using Daily Morning Meetings (Dialogue Circles) to Build Social Emotional Intelligence (Support Classroom Management) is a Critical Part of Successful Classrooms!
Are you using morning meetings/messages that inspire and deepen the day's learning? Morning messages are a fun daily welcome that can be used to inspire students' higher order thinking through rhetorical questions. I use a daily morning message on my whiteboard to introduce or reinforce academic content. Using morning messages to highlight critical academic content is an amazing tool for setting daily goals and improving learning outcomes. Common core requires students that can think critically and independently, and daily morning messages that set goals, ask socratic questions or just keep the teacher pacing the highest levels of thinking is a good idea!

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