Thursday, June 16, 2016

Equity Sticks | Equity in the Classroom | Student Questioning

Equity Sticks and Calling Sticks: Equity sticks are an easy and
fun engagement protocol to randomly call on all students. Get a box of Popsicle sticks or index cards and use a Sharpie and put the student's name on each stick, place them into a cup or jar next to a second discard cup, the discard cup can be used for the "used Equity Sticks, but many teachers use other methods." When student have been called, don't let your students know or see they are not in the question mix, if they know they are one and done, they will check-out. Students need to think they always have a chance of being called on again. Equity sticks are an equatable cold calling technique for random questioning that is non-biased and not dependent on hand raising. Students are more engaged if you ask the class to do a Think-Pair-Share before going to your equity sticks. Another helpful use for equity sticks is quickly placing students in cooperative groups, random student pairs, mixed abilities groups. Any time you conduct a class discussion, pull your equity sticks out and start the active thinking and engagement. Place student in random pairs and have them share with a partner before they share with the class. Once all your students have participated, have all students share what they learned and have them praise each other.

[PDF]A Resource for Equitable Classroom Practices 2010 - Montgomery ...
Montgomery County Public Schools“The physical structure of schools also gets in the way of educational equity . . . The lack of relevant and .... Equity sticks o Calling sticks.

[PDF]Equitable Classroom Practices Observation Checklist - LASPDG
Uses random response strategies (i.e., numbered heads, color-coded cards, equity sticks, calling sticks). 12. Uses cooperative learning structures. Structures ...

University of Arizona
by M Civil - ‎Cited by 32 - ‎Related articleseducation, where equity to me is related to access by all students to opportunities to ...... of the sticksof gum but do not increase the amount of actual gum.

[PDF]Equity Sticks - Squarespace
Over the past ten years, pulling Equity Sticks has emerged as a common teaching ... Teachers write each student's name on an individual popsicle stick, place.

3 Practices to Promote Equity in the Classroom | Edutopia
EdutopiaDec 1, 2015 - To engage all students equitably in classroom activities, track their participation withequity sticks or tally sheets, and restructure discussions so ...

[PDF]1 Actions Matter: How School Leaders Enact Equity Principles Jessica ...
University of Washington ‑ College of Education
by JG Rigby - ‎Related articlesprincipals convey a commitment to a vision of equity in a complex urban school ...... P2: In the other classes, I see you use the equity sticks and you did not do.

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