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Teachers as Leaders, the force multiplier of instructional support coaches

Every Teacher as a Leader, the force multiplier of instructional support coach.

How Instructional Support Coaches Can Help Transform Schools | Strengthening Pedagogical Knowledge

An instructional support coach is a highly trained teacher whose
principal or secondary professional responsibility is to grow and become the  go to expert for other teachers needing advice or ideas. The roll of coach is promoted and implemented in a nonjudgmental model.  The primary roll of the instructional coach is to transform the learning environment into a place where all students thrive academically. Teachers and coaches need to collaborate and adapt evidence-based best practices into daily classrooms routines by sharing with teams and other school leaders what works and what does not work.

Instructional Support Coaches Needed in School 

Cooperative Learning Team Building Coaches
Cooperative learning is a successful teaching strategy in which small teams, each with students of different levels of ability, use a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject.

Emergent Literacy Coaches
During early speech and language development, children learn skills that are important to the development of literacy (reading and writing). This stage, known as emergent literacy, begins at birth and continues through the preschool years

Emergent Numeracy 

Primary and Intermediate ELA Reading Coaches 

Primary and Intermediate Math Coaches 

Assessment and Progress Monitoring Coaches

Behavior Management Coaches


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National Staff Development Council of an instructional conversation protocol that an instructional coach might use. 4.4. Classroom observation checklist. Provide technical coaching about specific.

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had an instructional coach in my school, I could have done that. ... seven common questions aboutinstructional coaching and here is what the researchers.

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establish a common understanding of the theory and framework of an ... practices associated with effective instructional coaching. .... School Reform.

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(walk through, student achievement, common assessments, etc.) to plan ... The instructional coachsets professional growth goals for working with staff that may ...

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