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GLOW and Grow Notes: Building an engaged, thoughtful, and reflective classroom starts with quality management tools that are fast and easy to implement!  GROW Notes encourage student growth and reflection! Students will be more engaged, eager to meet SMART goals, create fantastic questions, more on task and attentive and actively help others! Students in highly effective classes are always working towards meeting new goals but students can use some formative feedback to improve from “Not Yet?” to “Got It!” We also use Mighty Cards or a quick positive message on a post-it.

 Kenneth H. Blanchard, The One Minute Manager

“Secret #1 : One Minute Goal Setting, is about being aware of what is expected of them from the very beginning "People who feel good about themselves produce good results”

“Secret #2 : One Minute Praising. "Help People to Reach Their Full Potential. Catch Them Doing Something Right”

“Secret #3 : One minute FEEDBACK/Reprimand
"We are not just our behavior. We are the person managing our behavior”


PDF]Glow and Grow Strategy - melissatabor
Adapted from: Thinking of Teaching and Runde's Room blogs. Glow and Grow Strategy. Similar to stars and wishes, the "glow and grow" strategy is a perfect tool ...

[PDF]Glow-and-Grow Feedback Anchor Chart Kit - Really Good Stuff
Glow-and-Grow Feedback Anchor Chart Kit. This Really Good Stuff® product includes: • Glow-and-Grow Poster, Write Again® wipe-off laminate. • 2 Highlighters ...

[PDF]Grow Glow . Grow Glow - Scholastic
Page 1. Grow. Glow . Grow. Glow .

[PDF]Go, Grow and Glow Foods- Teacher's Guide - cloudfront.net
How to Introduce Go, Grow and Glow Foods to Your Class. Concept Brief: The key ideas behind the Go, Grow and Glow concept can be found on the next page.

[PDF]Glow and Grow - Florida Department of Education
GLOW and GROW. Directions to Parent: Review your child's writing using the GLOW criteria listed below. Using a yellow highlighter, indicate parts of your child's ...

[PDF]tools - The Thoughtful Classroom
Glow & Grow makes it easy for teachers to meet these criteria when providing ... Teachers use theGlow & Grow format to provide students with encouraging and ...

Glow and Grow, Praise Listening, Questioning, Learning, Thinking and Growth

Glow Notes: 
  1. I like/appreciate how you actively listen and reflect on learning
  2. I like/appreciate the way you persevere/try, think, question,... 
  3. You made me happy when you asked that great insightful question 
  4. Your reasoning, evidence, thinking was fantastic 
  5. That was a thoughtful question/answer 
  6. Your questions and ideas are marvelous. Never stop being a brilliant thinker
  7. You impress me with your maturity and sense of adult responsibility
  8. I love your funny perspective, ideas, questions!
  9. Wow, that was insightful; your reflection/question was exemplary and brilliant.
  10. I love seeing your smile; it brightens my day, it brings joy to our class.
  11. Thank you for shining in class with your brilliant ideas and questions!
  12. I wish you would make me laugh like that more often.
  13. You're dazzling and amazing when you share, thank you.
  14. I am proud of your amazing attention/questions and thoughtful listening
Grow Notes: 
  1. Please show me a better way...
  2. Why might this [   ] need more thought, work, editing...
  3. Please explain why you did it this way
  4. Please help me understand your answer
  5. Why did you pick that strategy 
  6. Did you use your tools? 
  7. Please support your answer with more evidence

Teacher Feedback Questions: Was the Mini Lecture Well-Understood, Well-Delivered? Was the Pace of the Lecture…? Did you understand the Protocols, Models, Steps? Was this lesson interesting? Is the learning task clear? Is the task challenging? Are the questions relevant to the topics covered? The lesson inspires me to learn about complicated ideas. The teacher always helps me understand the material.

Student Reflective Feedback Question: I am learning so much I feel like a genius. The ideas I am learning are important. I am very happy with my effort in class. I am excited about my work ethic in class. I feel amazing that I’m learning boatloads in this class. I really enjoy learning and. This class is very challenging.

Learning Reflection Questions: 1. What did you learn? 2. Why is this important? 3. Did you and your partner work well together? 4. In this activity, what did you and your partner do well? 5. If we were to do this activity over, what would you and your partner do differently? 6. What changes to the activity will deepen your learning and understanding? Do you need more help from the teacher?

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