Thursday, June 9, 2016

BEST Classroom Cheers, Chants, and Praise

Super FUN Classroom Cheers, Claps, Chants and Praise POSTERS!
Students love cheers, students have fun learning in a positive safe atmosphere, they get excited, and they SUCCEED! Cheers build a strong classroom community that celebrates success, it gives students positive formative feedback in a fast fun way. Positive psychology and behavioral science agree that participating in positive traditions & ceremonies are a fundamental part of being human. We are hyper-social beings that need the sense we belong to a family and village. 

[PDF]Class Cheers & Claps
Keep repeating while singing “Ah, ah, ah, ah, you did a good job, you did a good job”. Marching BandCheer. -Use hands to pretend to play a trumpet.

[PDF]Shine Your Halo - Real Classroom Ideas
Cheer. Put one finger in the air and circle it like a lasso as you say, "Ye-haw!" Kiss Your Brain/Kiss Your. Heart. When children answer a question with an.

[PDF]Class Cheers & Claps
Cheers. & Claps. Disco Cheer. -Put left hand on your hip. -Use your right hand to point down to the left and then up to the right. -Keep repeating while singing ...

[PDF]A “Round” of Applause AWESOME Alien Cheer ... - melissatabor
Basketball Cheer. Alligator. Beatnik ... Hip! Hip! Hooray! Cheer. Hamburger Cheer. Ketchup Bottle. Harry Potter Cheer. Kiss the Brain Cheer ... Classroom. Cheers.

[PDF]Cheers for Us! Poster - Really Good Stuff
Really Good StuffCheers for Us! Poster—a fun, imaginative classroom resource to celebrate and ... Before displaying theCheers for Us! Poster, make copies of this Really Good ...

[PDF]Celebrating Success - Santa Rosa County Schools
student shows growth. ▻ Pat on the Back. ▻ Round of Applause. ▻ Cheers ... Text Cheer – Follow the texting generation and “text” W-O-W to you classroom,.

[PDF]Lookin' Good - Dr. Jean
Cheers from Dr. Jean Feldman. Check out for more teacher resources. Firecracker - Palms together in front of you as if praying. Make a sizzling.

[PDF]Classroom Management Packet - rgccisd
Whole Class Behavior Incentives– Marble Jar Reward description and mystery reward cards,Classroom In- centive Cheer Cards. • Parent Communication– ...

[PDF]Classroom Cheers 2 - The Teacher Toolkit
Parrot Cheer. Put your hands in your armpits to make the parrot's wings. Flap your wings up and down as you squawk and say,. “Aaaaak! You did a good job!”.

[PDF]Cheers, Yells, and Applauses - MacScouter
Take the box to your meetings or campfires. When it is time for a cheer, have a Scout take the cheerout of the box and lead it. The Cheers, Yells and Applauses.

[PDF]Nonverbal Praise Routines -
The Classroom Management series provides examples of teachers ... “Classroom Cheers.” Teaching ... Marzano ...

[PDF] Word Wall Cheers
... Forest University and utilized by thousands elementary classrooms. ... Note from Marian Miller (K Curriculum Specialist) The “Cheers” below may be useful ...

[PDF]1 creating a climate for learning
in the classroom and that they are responsible for their own learning and behavior. This ..... fives, and other cheers that students can often create for themselves.

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