Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Socratic Seminar | "Opinion" Take a Stand

Purpose Participants articulate opinions and thinking on their viewpoints about controversial questions.

An opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or personal statement that is not irrefutable. It may deal with subjective (biased) concepts in which there are no conclusive facts or proof. What distinguishes fact from opinion is that facts are more likely to be verifiable, i.e. can be agreed to by the consensus (agreement) of experts.

1. Post  “I Strongly Agree.” and “I Strongly Disagree.” In two parts of the room.  

2. Tell students they'll be using the Take a Stand protocol, which allows them to share and explain their opinions. They go to a spot on an imaginary line that best reflects their beliefs after they hear a statement. Corporal Punishment Is a Great Classroom Management Technique!

3. Explain the steps of the opinion protocol:

A. The teacher makes a statement and students go to the “I Agree or Disagree Line”, based on whether they agree or disagree with that statement, to a accepted point on the imaginary line that goes across the room. Point out that one side is labeled “Strongly Disagree” and also the other side labeled “Strongly Agree,” and also this means that the center of the line is undecided.

B. After the teacher makes a statement, they will pause for students  to then think and get all participants to go on to the point on the imaginary line that best reflects their opinions. “I believe learning cursive is a waste of time”

C. The teacher selects an equity stick and ask individuals to share and justify their opinions, make sure to actively listen to students on different parts of the line. The teachers can fold the line so the “strongest agree” and “strongest disagree” have a Socratic discussion.

D. If a participant actively listens to an opinion and the student has an anagnorisis, and they change their mind, they can go quietly to the part of line that represents their opining.

4. Model and review how the protocol works. Make a new statement (Homework should be abolished for primary and intermediate students) model for students how to move and change a position if the change their opinions. The modeling helps individuals internalize how to use the line that is invisible.

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