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Best Summer Reading Activities for Kids

Top 10 Summer reading activities, summer reading list, and fun activities to stop the summer slide. | Check out Reading Sages' top 10 summer reading activities, Start with a great collection of books. You'll find great summers reading clubs at your local libraries and great parent-child activities.

Top Ten Summer Reading Ideas: 

  1. Make a blanket fort (Space Colony, Future City) and create your own country with its own government, currency, economy, laws, cuisine, transportation, and or school.
  2. Read some cookbooks, study Nasa's preparation of space station "astronaut" meals and do some cooking and baking preparing for a one month voyage to Mars
  3. Learn how to play a new board game and have hours of fun
  4. Plan a fantastic fantasy vacation and send for travel brochures, tour itineraries, maps, train routes and restaurants menus 
  5. Do research on your favorite animals and visit the zoo
  6. Study art or handicraft books and try your hand at crafting and painting 
  7. Go to the library and get books on outdoor adventures and camp-out in the living-room learning about bushcraft 
  8. Do research on the flora and fauna in your area and do a nature survey of different species in your neighborhood 
  9. Read books on photography and use different types of digitalis cameras to create Animoto slide shoes 
  10. Read books on movie making and shot a narrative, comedy or documentary and share on youtube 
  11. Play the Legendary Land Reading Game
  12. Please add your own ideas in the comments
Children acquire reading and writing skills all through the year. However, there is a real chance of all that coming undone when they get home from school for the long summer vacation when most are not in the mood to be anywhere even remotely close to a book. This is when parents find it difficult to come up with good enough ideas that will enable them to entice their children to pick up a book, and revise their reading skills before a new academic term arrives. However, certain smart summer reading ideas for kids help the embattled parents in making reading an exciting and interesting activity for the little ones in their family.

Summer season is all about enjoying the warmth of the sun and spending magnificent time outdoors. Parents can make full use of the glorious weather to come up with a reading plan that involves visiting exciting picnic spots and then spending quite a bit of time reading about different stuff under the open sky. The most suitable candidates for such an outdoor reading session include birds, bees, and flowers, as well as, anything that they might encounter while enjoying the great outdoors. This great reading idea combines the fun-filled activity of spending time outdoors with a productive reading session, which is bound to make the kids feel less hostile about picking up a book and start reading it.

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The theme of visiting the great outdoors can continue by including many fun filled activities such as making a scrapbook containing samples of various flowers and drawing of birds, which help in improving the overall creative abilities of any child. Parents can also consider taking their child many fun places such as the zoo, which will provide them to bombard their kids’ interest regarding the animal world with books, filled with everything they want to know about the incredible beings they meet there.
Parents can also take their kids to visit various historic and nostalgic landmarks in the place where they live, and encourage them to pick up titles that will provide more information regarding all those fascinating sites. Taking any children on the visit to such fascinating sites is an extremely effective way to making them fall in love with the idea of reading books to know all about any subject that might be of any interest to them. Parents can also encourage their kids to make sketches of the quaint little cathedral or the haunted bungalow, and in the process provide an incentive for all-round development of the creative instinct of their children.
Another excellent summer reading idea includes encouraging children to pick any topic from a magazine, and then find as much information as they can by reading various books and magazines on that topic. The children then need to write down all they know on the topic in their own words, and supply pictures on the topic by cutting them from various magazines. This is an excellent way of allowing the kids to receive and analyze information, and then produce their own thoughts on it.
Kids can also develop a nice reading habit even while in the middle of summer vacation and touring the world. Parents can guide their children to maintain a travel diary where they can put in all their thoughts and experience of visiting new places, and meeting new people. This can be an excellent option for kids to develop a keen observing eye, and ability to express their feelings and thrill of new adventures. Parents can even help their kids pick the subject on which to write about every new city or country that they visit.
The summer season is the time when kids have the time of their lives, but it is important that they do not fall too much in terms of their reading and comprehension skills. Summer reading ideas for kids can be of great help in enabling them to stay in touch with their reading skills while they enjoy their vacation. 
Summer Reading List
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"A Smarter Summer"

Simple Tips to Promote Summer Learning
Sneaking In A Smarter Summer

By Former U.S. Education Secretary Richard W. Riley
"No more pencils, no more books!
No more teachers' crazy looks!"

Are your kids looking forward to summer vacation? Great! But don't toss out those books and pencils yet -"summer fun" doesn't have to mean "dumber fun"! Exercising kids' brain muscles all summer brings big benefits in the fall. And not exercising them can mean a loss of hard-earned skills.

A wise parent or caregiver can sneak a lot of learning into those lazy, hazy days. The good news is you don't need a lot of extra time or cash to give your kids a smarter summer. The trick is to make a game out of learning every day. Here are a few ideas: Challenge younger children to find letters of the alphabet on everyday items like street signs, cereal boxes, or newspapers. By asking "How many A's can you find?" you also exercise counting skills. Have an older child practice math by using grocery coupons to calculate the final price of items on your list. Challenge the child to guess the weight of produce before reading the scale, and to compute the correct change at the checkout. Any daily reading, yes, even comic books, is good for your child's brain. A librarian can help your child select books on any topic-baseball or butterflies, horses or hurricanes. The secret is for the child to choose the subject, so that it doesn't feel like homework and he or she is truly reading for pleasure. Writing weekly letters to a pen pal or distant friend won't feel like schoolwork, especially if the contents are strictly private! And older kids won't care that crossword puzzles boost spelling and vocabulary, if you make it a game while traveling or cooking dinner. Have kids "paint" their names with water on a hot sidewalk, then watch the letters disappear! To sneak in some science, have kids guess how long it takes for wet footprints to evaporate, then time it. Challenge them to guess the melting time of ice cubes. Drop items in a pail of water to see if they sink or float. Have children record all guesses and results, and reward the "players" with frozen treats. For more sly science fun, find two similar, healthy plants. Have your child water one, but not the other, for a week or two, and observe daily. Make a leaf tattoo by gently clipping a small paper shape onto a large leaf. Remove the shape after a week. Discuss the results and have the child write it up to share the experiment with family members. Help your child make his or her own storybook. Make funny drawings, or glue photos of family members onto silly magazine pictures. A younger child can dictate the story; older children can write it themselves. Let creativity rule! America Reads, at the U.S. Department of Education, is giving away a free, colorful poster with PBS TV star Arthur on the front, and fun reading and writing activities on the back. When the activities are finished at summer's end, the child receives a certificate of accomplishment. Now that's a summer celebration!

Once you banish the boredom of "dumber summers", you'll be sneaking in the most valuable lesson of all-never take a vacation from learning!

To make this a bright and brainy summer, call (877) 4ED-PUBS and order your child's free Arthur Activity Poster in English or Spanish. For more activities, ask for free brochures, called Summer Home Learning Recipes, to suit your children's ages. (To order materials online, go to For more guidance on reading and other learning subjects, call (800) USA-LEARN, or go to the America Reads Web site

Summer Reading Pledge
It is time for me to get into reading gear,
Because summertime is very near.
Reading is always fun,
Whether I do it in the shade or in the sun!
It is very groovy to read,
And 60 minutes each day is about what I need.
The library is where I can borrow books for free,
And I will find one that is near me.
I will learn a new word each day,
But I will still find time to play.
I will read a book to a family member and to a friend,
Before the summer comes to an end.
And when it is time to go back to school,
I will already know that books are cool!


Importance of Literacy

Reading plays a very important role in one’s life and this is a well-known fact. Nothing can be that exciting will be the retort of many children!. Why do we always talk about the importance of reading in our lives? If you want to know, read this short reason why it is important.

What is the best way to spend summer free time? There can be so many different answers to this question. That depends on the preferences of a person. If you are lively and active, you may spend time outdoors or participate in summer sports, if you are sociable, you may enjoy holding a party and communicating with various interesting celebrities. Some of us get so tired of the noise than wait till a nice evening to tackle in and read a nice book to relax or to learn something new or to get to the new world of wonders and travel in it, forgetting about the reality.

But these are only some of us. What about those, who detest even the appearance of the book and assure that they are allergic to its smell? There are a lot of other ways to get educated and to entertain oneself, but nothing can substitute reading. If you give it a real try, it can be a fun adventure. For instance, it is very useful to read books to little children, almost infants, that way they get used to your voice and the manner of talking and you’ll practice and read whatever is interesting to you. Some of the dislikes are closely connected with the not carefully planned school program in literature. Sometimes we can see such books there that should not be read by students of such age. I’m quite sure that it is useless for a fifth grader to read Kafka’s “Plague” and same, study “Odyssey” during the first college year. What the system needs is a careful planning. Here everything has to be taken into consideration; starting from the reports at the seminars and finishing with the careful examination of the last literature essay. Of course, sometimes it may be easy to find something else to do than to read a boring book, but this is what makes you educated and intelligent in eyes of others.

It will be very ungrateful of us to ignore the inheritance we have. I mean thousands, millions of masterpieces waiting to be taken and read at once and then discussed in a close circle of friends. But one has to be really picky about what to read. Just like with movies, there are some books that can’t be read at a certain age and certain life orientations. I guess, it is unnecessary to present the examples, because they are numerous. Serious matters read at a young age influence the process of building of a personality greatly. It is certain that a book about zombieology in hands of a teenager will do no good. There is no need to forbid sales of such books, it’s impossible. What we really have to do is to create an attentive, grateful and interested reader, by bringing him up with the help of necessary literature. Reading different books of different styles widens our outlook and gives more opportunities to make a success. An intelligent phrase that you’ve read up in some good book, thrown by you during a heated argument, will definitely make the odds even. So read with pleasure and enjoy what you’re doing!

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