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IQ Test | What is Your IQ | 1st US IQ Test

The History of US IQ Testing is inexact or questionable at best. The US Army developed one of the first comprehensive IQ assessment. The IQ test was administered to soldiers in WWI to assess mental fitness. The IQ test was one of the first assessment to use multiple choice questions. What is your IQ circa 1920?

Use this IQ table to record your scores: Completed each test in the allotted time?

IQ Test 1. The Maze ______ of 3 correct
IQ Test 2. Cube Analysis _______ of 8 correct
IQ Test 3. Picture Completion _______ of 9 correct
IQ Test 4. Disarranged ________ of 20 correct Sentences
IQ Test 5. Arithmetical _______ of 10 correct
IQ Test 6. Information

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IQ Test 6 Information Test | Notice the sample sentence:

People hear with the ere ears nose mouth
The correct word is ears because it makes the truest sentence

In each of the sentences below, you have four choices for the last word. Only one of them is cornet.

In each sentence draw a line under the one of these four words which makes the truest sentence.

If you can not be sure guess

The two samples are already marked as they should be. 
Give yourself four minutes to complete fourty of them.

France is in Europe Asia Africa Australia

  1. The apple grows on a shrub vine bush tree 
  2. Bridge is played with rackets pins cards dice 
  3. The Percheron is a kind of goat horse cow sheep 
  4. The most prominent industry of Gloucester is fishing packing brewing automobiles 
  5. Sapphires are usually blue red green yellow 
  6. The Rhode Island Red is a kind of horse granite cattle fowl 
  7. Christie Mathewson is famous as a writer artist baseball player comedian 
  8. Revolvers are made by Swift & Co Smith & Wesson WL Douglas BT Babbitt 
  9. Carrie Nation is known as a singer temperance agitator suffragist nurse 
  10. "There's a reason" is an "ad" for a drink revolver flour cleanser 10 
  11. Artichoke is a kind of hay corn vegetable fodder 
  12. Chard is a fish lizard vegetable snake 
  13. Cornell University is at Ithaca Cambridge Annapolis New Haven 
  14. Buenos Ayres is a city of Spain Brazil Portugal Argentina 
  15. Ivory is obtained from elephants mines oysters reefs 
  16. Alfred Hoyes is famous as a painter poet musician sculptor 
  17. The armadillo is a kind of ornamental shrub animal musical instrument dagger 
  18. The tendon of Achilles is in the heel head shoulder abdomen 
  19. Crisco is a patent medicine disinfectant tooth paste food product 
  20. An aspen is a machine fabric tree drink 
  21. The sabre is a kind of musket sword cannon pistol 
  22. The mimeograph is a kind of typewriter copying machine phonograph pencil 
  23. Maroon is a food fabric drink color 
  24. The clarionet is used in music stenography book binding lithography 
  25. Denim is a dance food fabric drink 
  26. The author of Huckleberry Finn is Poe Mark Twain Stevenson Hawthorne 
  27. Faraday was most famous in literature war religion science 
  28. Air and gasoline are mixed in the accelerator carburetor gear case differential 
  29. The Brooklyn Nationals are called the Giants Orioles Superbass Indians 
  30. Pasteur is most famous in politics literature war science 
  31. Becky Sharp appears in Vanity Fair Romola The Christmas Carol Henry 
  32. The number of a Kaffir's legs is two four six eight 
  33. Habeas corpus is a term used in medicine law theology pedagogy 
  34. Ensilage is a term used in fishing athletics farming hunting 
  35. The forward pass is used in tennis hockey football golf 
  36. General Lee surrendered at Appomattox in 1812 1868 1886 1832 
  37. The watt is used in measuring wind power rainfall water power electricity 
  38. The Pierce Arrow car is made in Buffalo Detroit Toledo Flint 
  39. Napoleon defeated the Austrians at Fried land Wagram Waterloo Leipzig 
  40. An irregular four-sided figure is called a scholium triangle trapezium pentagon
One of the Many revisions of the Information Portion of the IQ Test 1. Seven-up is played with rackets cards pins dice 
2. Denver is in Ohio Georgia Colorado Michigan 
3. The Leghorn is a kind of horse chicken fish cattle 
4. The main factory of the Ford automobile is in Bridgeport Cleveland Detroit Youngstown 
5. Silk comes from a kind of crab worm beetle plant 
6. The Declaration of Independence was signed in Detroit Boston Philadelphia Concord 
7. The artichoke is a fish lizard vegetable snake 
8. The forward pass is used in tennis hand-ball chess football 
9. Jess Willard is a fortune-teller labor-leader pugilist singer 
10. Revolvers are made by Smith & Wesson Armour & Co Ingersoll Anheuser-Busch 
11. The currant grows on a tree vine sheep bush 
12. General Lee surrendered at Appomattox in 1812 1886 1865 1832 
13. A first-class batter now averages around .300 .900 .600 .100 
14. The Pittsburgh team is called Giants Cubs Pirates Tigers 
15. The Union Commander at Mobile Bay was Dewey Sampson Schley Farragut
16. Among the allies of Germany is Norway Rumania Bulgaria Portugal
17. To set fire to a house is called larceny incest mayhem arson 
18. The spark-plug of a gas engine belongs in the crank case manifold cylinder carburetor 
19. The author of the “Scarlet Letter” is Poe Hawthorne Cooper Holmes 
20. John Sargent is a well-known author scientist politician painter 

Military IQ TEST, soldiers were given two minutes, ten seconds to complete this test.

Instructions: “The words MORNING THE RISES EVERY SUN in that order don’t make a sentence, but they would make a sentence if put in the right order: THE SUN RISES EVERY MORNING and the statement is true. Again, the words ANIMAL A IS THE RARE DOG would make a sentence if put in the right order: THE DOG IS A RARE ANIMAL but the statement is false. Below are twenty mixed-up sentences. Some of them are true and some are false. When I say go, take these sentences one at a time. Decide what each sentence would say if the words were straightened out, but don’t write them yourself. Then, if what it would say is true, draw a line under the word true; if what it would say is false, then draw a line under the word false. If you cannot be sure, guess. Begin with No. 1 and work right down the page until time is called.”

1. wood guns of made are…………………… true false

2. people are many candy of fond……………… true false

3. war in are useful airplanes the……………………. true false

4. must die men all……………………………… true false

5. property floods life and destroy……………… true false

6. grow a climate oranges cold in……………. true false

7. days there in are week eight a ……………… true false

8. months warmest are summer the………………… true false

9. are and apples long thin…………………. true false

10. clothing valuable are for and wool cotton…… true false

11. health necessary camp a is to clean…………. true false

12. Germany of Wilson king is England and………… true false

13. work like all men…………………………. true false

14. water cork on float will not………………. true false

15. iron paper made of is filings………………… true false

16. tropics is in the produced rubber……………. true false

17. fish hunt and like boys to never…………….. true false

18. size now of guns use are great in…………… true false

19. bushes trees roots have and their air the in………. true false

20. not bees lazy and are ants called……………………. true false

Soldiers were given five minutes to solve twenty of these work problems. Give yourself two minutes and thirty seconds to solve ten of them.

Instructions: “Attention! Look at the directions at the top of the page while I read them. Get the answers to these examples as quickly as you can. Use the side of this page to figure on it you need to. I will say stop at the end of five minutes. You may not be able to finish all of them, but do as many as you can in the time allowed. – Ready – GO!”

1. If 24 men are divided into squads of 8, how many squads will there be? 
2. A company advanced 5 miles from their trenches and retreated three miles. How far were they from their trenches then? 
3. A regiment marched 40 miles in five days. The first day they marched 9 miles, the second day 6 miles, the third 10 miles, the fourth 8 miles. How many miles did they march the last day? 
4. If it takes 6 men 3 days to dig a 60-foot trench, how many men are needed to dig it in half a day? 
5. A rectangular bin holds 400 cubic feet of lime. If the bin is 10 feet long and 5 feet wide, how deep is it? 
6. A recruit spent one-eighth of his spare change for post cards and four times as much for a box of letter paper, and then had 90 cents left. How much money did he have at first? 
7. If a man runs a hundred yards in 10 seconds, how many feet does he run in a fifth of a second? 
8. A U-boat makes 8 miles an hour under water and 15 miles on the surface. How long will it take to cross a 100-mile channel, if it has to go two-fifths of the way under water? 
9. A ship has provisions to last her crew of 500 men 6 months. How long would it last 1200 men? 
10. A certain division contains 3,000 artillery, 15,000 infantry and 1,000 cavalry. If each branch is expanded proportionately until there are in all 20,900 men, how many will be added to the artillery? 

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