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PHONEMIC Alphabet Code Charts for English

 PHONEMIC, Phonetic, Phonics, and Alphabet Code Charts for English

20 VOWEL Sounds (Phonemes) and Related Graphemes

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24 CONSONANT Sounds (Phonemes) and Related Graphemes
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Long Vocals
Sound as in

Sound as in
a ate

e eat
a care

i ice
a arm

o ode
a last

u use
a all

u burn
e eve

oo fool
Short Vocals
a am

o odd
e end

u up
i in

oo look
oi oil

ou out
oy boy

ow now
f fifi

t tat
h him

sh she
k kite

ch chat
p pipe

th thick
s same

wh why

Sound as in

Sound as in
b bib

v valve
d did

th this
g gig

z zin
j jug

z azure
n nine

r rare
m maim

w we
ng hang

y yet
l lull

Sub for as in

Sub for as in
a o what

y i myth
e a there

c k can
e a feint

c a cite
i e

ch sh chaise
i e sir

ch k chaos
o u son

g j gem
o oo to

n ng ink
o oo wolf

s z as
o a fork

s sh sure
o u work

x gz exact
u oo full

gh f laugh
u oo rude

ph f phlox
y i fly

qu k pique
qu kw quit

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